Breakout 2

Thursday, June 27
2:45-3:45 PM

  • Living in an Eschatological Universe: Virgil’s Aeneid and the Fall of Troy | Louis Markos | Capitol A-E
  • Middle School Matters: A Guide For Parents, Teachers, and Administrators for a Flourishing Transition Into Adulthood | Nathan Jordan | Capitol F
  • The How of Reading Instruction in a Classical Education: The Importance of a Systematic Approach to Early Literacy and Reading Achievement | Jessica Gombert & Melissa Siller | Capitol G
  • How to Develop and Grow Your Annual Fund | Tom MacAdam & Chad Borgestad | Capitol H
  • Biblical Peacemaking | Russ Kapusinski | Creekside I
  • Staying Mission True | Keith Nix | Creekside II
  • Hiding God’s Word in Their Hearts: An Apologetic for Scripture Memory in the Upper School | Karen Moore | sideYARD
  • Two Great Scientific Discoveries of the 20th Century That Matter to All of Us: Part I | Mark Phillips| Bickler
  • The Spirit of Metaphor and Symbol | David Rosenberg | Barton
  • What Does it Mean to Teach Latin, Greek, and Spanish Classically? | Aaron Fudge | Bonnell