Breakout 3

Thursday, June 27
4:00-5:00 PM

  • Hektor and Andromache: Balance in a World Gone Mad | Louis Markos | Capitol A-E
  • No Child Left Unknown: Building a Thriving House System | Jonathan Horner & Jane Houchin | Capitol F
  • Mens et Manus: Why Integration of Biblical Principles, Mathematics, and Science Matters. | Tina Dube & Vanessa Petty | Capitol G
  • Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign? | Tom MacAdam & Chad Borgestad | Capitol H
  • School Worship for Spiritual Formation | Christopher Hoyt | Creekside I
  • Retention Begins in Admission: Nurturing Long-Term Enrollment From Tour To Contract | Amy Burgess | Creekside II
  • Starting and Growing Classical Christian School | Rim Hinckley, Jean Kim and Liz Caddow| sideYARD
  • Two Great Scientific Discoveries of the 20th Century That Matter to All of Us: Part II | Mark Phillips | Bickler
  • Conceptually-Based Upper School Mathematics Curriculum: Lessons Learned From Transition | Janet Andreasen, Kevin Clark & Christine Miller| Barton
  • Basics of Speaking Ancient Greek | Jason Merritt | Bonnell