Breakout 6

Saturday, June 29
9:30-10:30 AM

  • Classical Education and Christian Discipleship Part 1: “Cultivating Virtue” | Brandon Shuman | Capitol A-E
  • Creative Biblical Applications Across the Curriculum | Nathan George| Capitol F
  • Teaching Math Well When Time is Scarce | Hana Rodgers | Capitol G
  • Knocking Down Hurdles: Understanding Why Being a School Board Member is So Tough and What to Do About It | Charles Evans | Capitol H
  • Teach Writing Slowly | Matt Bianco | Creekside I
  • The Secular Landscape: What It Looks Like, How We Got Here and How to Love Our Neighbors | Glenn Lucke | Creekside II
  • The Lower School Morning Meeting: The Power of an Intentional Routine to Start the Day | Valerie Rennie | sideYARD
  • Nature Study: The Power of Inquiry and Observation | Brynn Sowder | Bickler
  • Capturing the Beauty of Mathematics: Visualizing Mathematics Using Graphical Devices. | Kurt Owen | Barton
  • How to Support Students with Learning Differences So That Everyone Benefits | Leslie Collins | Bonnell