2019 Preconference

2019 Preconference Sessions

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

8:15 AM – 4:30 PM


An Introduction to Classical Christian Pedagogy

Together we will briefly consider the last century of compromised educational reform in America and reflect upon the ways in which our instructional methods and teaching philosophies have already been shaped by our own prior learning and teaching experiences. We will consider the emergence of the classical Christian education renewal movement, including both an appreciation for and critique of the movement’s earliest interpretations and applications of the medieval Trivium.


Athletics as Essential to a Classical Education

A true, holistic education includes the development and training of the mind, body and spirit. While classical model schools do wonderful work in the training of mind and spirit, they oftentimes struggle in implementing and sustaining programs that develop and train the body.


Classical and Modern Languages

This preconference features several seasoned language instructors and leaders within classical Christian Education and will consider the following questions: Why Latin? Why foreign languages? Must we commit to only one method? Is it possible to teach a language’s grammar through immersive conversation in the target language? How do we keep the struggling students supported while challenging those who are advanced (and having some fun along the way)?


Strategic Issues for Heads and Board Members: Healthy Governance Practices and Financial Sustainability

This session will discuss the backbone of board governance: a powerful Committee on Trustees; solid partnerships between the head of school and the board chair and between the head of school and the full board; how to navigate leadership transition; and an understanding of the correlation between long-serving heads and successful schools. We will utilize the case study method and discussion.


A Legacy of Influence: Developing the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Executive leadership is incredibly important in today’s environment. How can those of is in leadership contribute to and shape leaders who will ensure our institution’s mission and direction in the next generation? These sessions, drawing from insights learned from the highly selective White House Fellows program, help leaders learn how to harness and equip the unique strengths and abilities of rising leaders. Come and hear how your mentorship of the next generation can leave a legacy of influence at your institution for decades to come.