Athletics as Essential to a Classical Education

Session Description

A true, holistic education includes the development and training of the mind, body and spirit.  While classical model schools do wonderful work in the training of mind and spirit, they oftentimes struggle in implementing and sustaining programs that develop and train the body.  
In this preconference, we will discuss concepts such as:
– More than physiology – how training of the body is part and parcel with training of the mind and spirit
– Why PE doesn’t satisfy “training of the body” in full  
– Athletes as a catalyst to building school community
– Where do we start?  How to take a program from ground zero, up
– Coaches – Full-time teachers or part-time contributors?
– Co-curricular vs Extra-curricular
– Funding models
This preconference will be most effective when there is heavy dialogue and discussion between all participants.  While we will have several speakers and presentations, this is a “roll up the sleeves, ask tons of questions and take copious notes” type of session.


Speaker Bio

Beck Brydon is the Director of Athletics for Regents School of Austin in Austin, Texas, a position he has held since 2006.  Coach Brydon (or better known around campus as “Coach B”) has coached various sports at Regents since 1997 and has been the Varsity Head Football Coach for the past 19 seasons.  He served as Regents’ Director of Advancement from 2004-2006.  In addition to being a member of Regents’ senior staff team, Coach B has also served the school as a Senior Thesis Advisor (11 years), Campus Development Committee member, and panel moderator for both Regents Moms and Regents Dads Boot Camps.

Coach B’s vision is to redeem sports for Christ, one heart, one team and one event at a time.  While seemingly a monumental task given today’s culture, it is the primary goal from which all 85 coaches of 55 athletic teams spanning 15 different sports at Regents, operate. 

Coach B is currently an Executive Board Member of the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), the primary governing body of private school athletics and fine arts in the state of Texas.  He has served as a TAPPS District President 11 different times and been a member of TAPPS’ Athletic Executive Committee and Football Ad Hoc Committee.  He has authored more than a dozen articles in state-wide and national publications on topics such as Christian worldview in sports, sportsmanship, technology and parenting. 

He and his wife Trish, a 7th grade English teacher at Regents, will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year.  They have three children who all attend Regents – Will Tyler (18), Annie (16), and Benjamin (14).  When he is not coaching or coaching coaches, Coach B loves family vacations to the beach or mountains, playing golf and fishing.