Education With Purpose

The Society for Classical Learning (SCL) has existed since the mid-1990s to facilitate and encourage thinking and discussion among professionals associated with Christ-centered education in the liberal arts tradition. The Society provides a forum where educators can share wisdom, experience, and ideas as they deepen their understanding of classical theory into everyday, real-world education. The Society is committed to historic Christianity as expressed in the Nicene Creed and to exploring the relationship of Christ to the broader culture.

Mission & Vision

The Society for Classical Learning exists to foster human flourishing by making classical Christian education thrive.​ The ancient world has much to offer us today in thinking about how we might best teach and encourage young people toward virtue, wisdom, and truth. The SCL works together with classicists, teachers, and lifelong learners to ensure that the great heritage of Western civilization is preserved, cherished, and handed on to the next generation.

We Are Classical

The SCL is rooted in The Great Tradition, using its wisdom and virtue to raise up the next generation.

We Are Christian

The SCL is grounded in the historic Christian faith as expressed in the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds.

We Are Leaders

The SCL seeks to be the leader in the classical Christian education movement by focusing on leading leaders.
"What if education wasn't first and foremost about what we know, but about what we love?"
James K.A. Smith
Imagining The Kingdom

Who We Are

The SCL Team is committed to equipping and supporting schools throughout the country and the world to thrive. Meet our Board and Executive Leadership. Click on each person’s photo to learn more. 

SCL Board

Leslie Moeller

Board Chair

Peter Baur

Board Member

Allison Moffatt

Board Member

Brad Layland

Board Member

Rim Hinckley

Board Member

David Diener

Board Member

Neil Anderson

Board Member

Russ Gregg

Board Member

SCL Staff

Eric Cook


Davies Owens

Executive Director

Angie W. Copetillo

Director of Strategic
Communication & Planning

Marissa Yanaga

Executive Assistant

Daniel Copetillo

Technology & Digital Experience Consultant

Sarah Spencer

Member Services

Adam Copetillo

Engagement Coordinator

Lauren Key

Advancement and Operations Coordinator

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