About us

The Society for Classical Learning (SCL) has existed since the mid-1990s to facilitate and encourage thinking and discussion among professionals associated with Christ-centered education in the liberal arts tradition. The Society provides a forum in which educators can share wisdom, experience, and ideas as they deepen their understanding of classical theory into every day, real world education. The Society is committed to historic Christianity as expressed in the Nicene Creed and to exploring the relationship of Christ to the broader culture. 

Mission & Vision

The Society for Classical Learning exists to foster human flourishing by making classical Christian education thrive.

The ancient world has much to offer us today in thinking about how we might best teach and encourage young people toward virtue, wisdom, and truth. The SCL works together with classicists, teachers, and lifelong learners to ensure that the great heritage of Western civilization is preserved, cherished, and handed on to the next generation.

What We Do

Annual National Conference

SCL hosts a dynamic and engaging national conference featuring recognized speakers and scholars such as Gregory Thornbury, Peter Kreeft, Albert Mohler, Susan Wise Bauer, and many more. The presentations provide challenging ideas, great questions, and practical instruction for all who attend. The SCL Conference is known for facilitating rich discussion and meaningful collaboration. Teachers, administrators, professors, and home educators from schools throughout the United States come to exchange ideas, expand their understanding of classical Christian education, improve their teaching skills, and enjoy good fellowship. The conference maintains an average attendance of almost 500 attendees and has been hosted in over a dozen destination cities.

The Journal

SCL also distributes a professional publication called The Journal. The Journal is a quarterly publication that features articles by experienced educators and authors committed to Christ-centered classical education. It offers an opportunity for members to exchange opinions, expertise and the experiences of their schools and classrooms. Every issue includes articles focused on different areas of classical education including administration, grammar school, middle and upper school, pedagogy & philosophy, law, and real world war stories. The Journal currently reaches over 500 readers among a myriad of schools.

Regional Conferences

SCL also hosts a number of regional conferences in order to provide more accessible teacher training and development opportunities. These events are usually held at member schools or universities and offer a similar experience to the national conference.

Website & Online Resources

The SCL website hosts a variety of quality resources available to members and non-members. The site provides a robust audio library, including lectures from SCL conferences and other relevant talks. Issues from The Journal are also available to read as well as a blog, conference information, and a variety of other engaging resources.

Alcuin Fellowship of Educators

This fellowship of educators hosts small retreats to foster collaborative friendships and to enhance our understanding of classical curricula and pedagogy: Click here for more information.

Arete Fellowship of Administrators

This fellowship of classical school leaders hosts small retreats in order to foster collaborative relationships, train new Heads of School and purse excellent leadership practices.