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Retreat Overview

Retreat Theme: Teaching the Great Tradition in the Contemporary World

The Christian Classical renewal in education has gained much traction and momentum over the last 25 years or so. The big ideas and paradigm-shifting purposes of this model of education are firmly established. Our schools are convinced that cultivating virtue, training the affections, prioritizing the verbal and mathematical arts, and teaching the great books are all necessary for a proper education. Furthermore, many of our schools have honed specific practices for implementing these ideas that are working very well and are transferable to other schools.

As is the practice of the Alcuin Fellows, we gather for the purpose of sharing fellowship, food & drink, and great ideas. Our regional chapters allow for smaller retreats, at an affordable price, that bring more schools into the conversation. This year’s theme of the Mid-Atlantic retreat, “Teaching the Great Tradition in the Contemporary World,” explains the content and goal of our formal presentations and informal discussion. Practicing education according to classical sensibilities in a way that makes sense to our modern and diverse culture is not easy. But the great books and great questions that guide our curriculum are robust enough to serve our schools well toward that very goal. The evidence for this can be seen not only in CC schools in America, but also those in places across the world, such as Africa, China, and Brazil.

At our Mid-Atlantic retreat, we want to share with you the big ideas and concrete practices in our schools that help us in this renewal effort of practicing the great tradition in the modern world. Not only will you experience rich conversation around these ideas and practices, you will also be able to observe various aspects of how things work at the campus, in real-time, on a school day here at Veritas. If you are a teacher (lower or upper school), administrator, or board member, you will find this retreat enriching and encouraging, and your school will benefit from your participation.

In addition to formal presentations, informal discussions, and observations of Veritas in action, we will also spend some time at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Just 2 miles from the Veritas campus, it ranks in the top ten most comprehensive art museums in the U.S.

Speakers and Facilitators

Fellows of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Alcuin Fellowship will serve as presenters and discussion leaders:

Robyn Burlew

Head of Upper School, Veritas, Richmond, VA

Joshua Gibbs 

Humanities Teacher, Veritas, Richmond, VA

Writer and Author, Circe Institute

Jesse Hake

VP Product Development, Classical Academic Press

Chris Hall

Former Academic Dean, Charlottesville, VA

Founder, Always Learning Education

Christine Perrin

Senior Lecturer and Director of Writing, Messiah College, Harrisburg, PA

Author and Editor, Classical Academic Press

Andrew Smith

Dean of Academics, Veritas School, Richmond, VA

Director, Alcuin Fellowship Mid-Atlantic

Brian Williams

Dean, Templeton Honors College, Eastern University, St. David’s, PA

Leadership from Veritas will lead discussions and demonstrations:

Keith Nix, Head of School

Jim Reynolds, Head of Lower School

Gretchen Gregory, Director of Admissions

Lesley Lanphear, Director of Academic Support


Participants are invited to stay, free of charge, with various family hosts from the Veritas School community. Those who wish to stay at a hotel can receive recommendations upon request – asmith@veritasschool.com


$150 covers all lunches and dinners.
The retreat is limited to 35 participants.


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