Spoken Latin Workshops

Want to know how to write a basic letter in Latin? Describe your day’s activities in Latin? Order lunch, or talk about Augustine’s view of the soul?

Calvin College and Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, TX provide 2-day Latin workshops for those learning to speak Latin. The biduum (two day event) includes Latin discussion in a relaxed and informal setting.

A 2-day workshop for Latin students of all levels with FOUR different tracks offered:

***NEW*** Elementary Beginner: For students grades 3-6 (lead by Dr. David Noe’s daughter, Jillian Noe)

Beginner: No prior experience required (students grade 7-12 & adults)

Intermediate: A few year’s study, good grasp of most of the grammar

Advanced: Features an emphasis on pedagogy for teachers, mastery of grammar/some spoken proficiency

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January 25 & 26, 2019


Friday, January 25: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Saturday, January 26: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Early Bird Adult Registration (by December 15): $125

Early Bird Student Registration (by December 15): $70

Adult Registration: $145

Student Registration: $95

Full and partial scholarships are available. Contact Marcus Foster at 682-554-3058 or mfoster@covenantfw.org for more information. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be submitted by Dec. 15. 


Covenant Classical School

Covenant Classical School

1701 Wind Star Way
Fort Worth, TX 76108

Testimonials from attendees at previous Latin conversation weekends with Dr. Noe

“I loved the conference. It was such a joy to be with a group of like-minded Latinists. It was also a good affirmation for me that I’m not too bad at spoken Latin.” – Michael K., Michigan.

“This weekend was a blast. So lovely to read and discuss (in Latin!) our favorite authors…I really liked the way things ran this weekend. Allowing English during breaks was nice.” – Christie P., Kentucky.

“While I knew I was way out of my league at the Biduum, I learned so much and am very grateful for the experience.  It has changed the way I will conduct my teaching in Latin.  I think the class will be much more interesting and meaningful (and FUN).” – Karen A., Lake Odessa, MI

“This biduum was awesome for me, getting to spend time with other people that truly appreciate Latin, and learning more about it!” – Jack J.

“This is a transformation experience for myself, my colleagues, and my students. More please!” – Stephen B.

“Amazing conference with great presentations from all three teachers.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for making this conference a place I could get out of my comfort zone and not be intimidated by all the scholars.” – Anonymous

“Very enjoyable conference. I hope we move more towards conversational Latin.”  -Anonymous

“I loved the Biduum! It opened my eyes and ears to new possibilities in my classrooms.” – Anonymous

For more information contact Marcus Foster at 682-554-3058 or mfoster@covenantfw.org.