January 22nd, 2021 | 3:00 - 5:55 CT | Online

What is The BIDVVM?

The BIDVVM is a two day immersive language learning event for students of different abilities. It aims to promote appreciation, enjoyment, comprehension, and facility in spoken Latin and Greek. Participants converse, read, laugh, and compose in the language and level of their choice. Professors guide the sessions through various authors, texts, and topics around a given theme.

Amici, discipuli, magistri, praeceptores carissimi...

As you may know, we have had to cancel this year’s BIDVVM LATINVM ET GRAECVM due to the ongoing pandemic.

Though we regret having to announce another of many recent losses, we are excited to host three Zoom calls hosted by SCL that will provide at least some community and conversation in and about Latin and Greek as a kind of expedient ersatz.

Schedule & Sessions‚Äč

Session 1 | 3:00-3:55 ct

Marcus Foster will moderate the first session in English about teaching and learning Latin and Greek. We would love to hear highlights and best practices amidst the current challenges. This discussion is open to everyone: teachers, students, administrators -- anyone who would like to talk about learning Latin and Greek.

Session 2 | 4:00-4:55 ct

Daniel Faubus will moderate the second session in Latin about ailments, illnesses, injuries, and plagues. While the discussion should be intelligible to beginner-high Latinitists and should provide opportunities for advanced speakers, the target audience will be intermediate.

Session 3 | 5:00-5:55 ct

Joseph Tipton will moderate the third session in Ancient/Koine Greek about students, schools, teachers, and learning. While the discussion should be intelligible to beginner-med Hellenists (knowledge of phonics, alphabet, some basic vocab, and grammar) and should provide opportunities for more advanced speakers, the target audience will be beginner-high.


Cost is free.

All sessions will be conducted via Zoom

We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

We hope to see you there!