Classical Education and Christian Discipleship: Reforming Men (Part II)

Brandon Shuman discusses the role that classical education plays in the forming of a disciple-maker.
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In part two, we will consider the remarkable similarities and the complementary functions of classical education and Christian discipleship, even as we draw distinctions between them – the most important of which is that as disciple-makers, we are not seeking to sculpt better versions of Adam, but rather we are God’s instruments in His molding of young men and women into the brilliant image of Jesus.

Brandon Shuman

Brandon serves as the Dean of Arts and Humanities at Midland Classical Academy deep in the heart of West Texas. Over the course of his ministry at MCA, he has Socratically taught over 28 different junior high, high school and parent courses from a wide range of academic disciplines, including Great Books, Greek, apologetics, history and movie production. Brandon writes education articles for Midland's local newspaper and co-hosts the Good Knight Dad podcast, which encourages and empowers parents to better leverage their experience at MCA. Brandon enjoys coffee, fly fishing, playing baseball in the backyard with his two sons, singing to his newborn daughter and adventuring through life alongside his beautiful wife, Laura.