Heather Lloyd

Heather Lloyd aided in the foundation of the Conservatory of Music at New Saint Andrews College, she has founded several Christian and Classical K-12 schools across the nation, and a variety of programs that accommodate special needs students at existing Classical schools. Among these projects is The Jubilee School, which is a private, Christian school located in Moscow Idaho that is steeped in Classical pedagogy. The Jubilee School facilitates students that, traditionally, have a more difficult time integrating into conventional Christian Schools. These students, whether they have special needs, are advanced for their age, or are neuro-typical, work together in the classroom for a synergistic learning experience that isn’t just Classical, but also enables Romans 15:1 to happen inside the classroom—where the strong take care of the weak. Heather is the founding partner and the Executive Administrator of Concordis Education Partners whose vision is to equip start-up schools, schools transitioning to the Classical method, and existing Classical schools with the tools needed to make their students, teachers, and administration successful. Working hand-in-hand with its partner schools, Concordis has helped institutions across the country uphold the premise that excellent education should serve all.