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Coaching Calls

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Live Q&A Coaching Calls are for heads of school and board members to discuss how they can lead well

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Every school is encountering an immense set of challenges as they approach the fall. Most schools have been forced to rethink and reorganize their entire operational setup. In addition to safety, financial, and liability issues, partnering with families and managing expectations is immensely complicated. Every classical Christian school must be wise and patient as they make the best educational decisions for their school communities.

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Soul Care for You & Your Team | Fri, Feb. 26

Wrestling with anxiety is a common human experience in a broken world. February can feel like the doldrums and with the extra demands Covid places on our schools and on our people, figuring out how to properly care for others and ourselves can be a challenge. Join licensed counselor and family and marriage therapist, Keith McCurdy as he offers wisdom on how to care for our souls during timing times.

Covid-Era College Advising | Fri, Feb. 19

Join Deanna Ducher, founder and long-time director of the college advising program at Hillsdale Academy; Becky Priest, founder of the college advising program at The Cambridge School and long-time college financial aid expert; and Zack Miller, the Senior Director of Admissions at Hillsdale College, as they share their decades of experience both in high school admissions and within the college ranks.

What We've Learned ABout Reopening Schools...So Far!

Friday, September 25 | 1-2 pm CDT

Our panel of heads of school from across the country discuss the lessons they've learned over the past 30 days since reopening. Join us to hear which policies and practices worked and which ones didn't.

Gate Keeping: Protecting and advancing our mission in the midst of our chaotic cultural Movement

Friday, September 11 | 1-2 pm CDT

Some of our established families are leaving and at the same time new families are showing up, many last minute, eager to apply. Most commonly they say they have become disillusioned with their other school options and know little about classical Christian education.  How do we wisely select new families to build long term retention and mission alignment? We will explore this question and others related to our marketing and admissions process in our current moment.

Amy Burgess

Amy Burgess was the Admission and Marketing Director at Covenant Classical School in
Fort Worth, TX, before she became a full-time marketing consultant. She works with clients
in a variety of industries, from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations, giving them
the marketing messages they need to connect with their target audiences. Amy believes
CCE has the power to change not only individual lives, but society at large, by the grace of
God. She is committed to taking her experience with corporate clients and putting it to work
for the best schools in the country.

Supreme Court Gives Religious Schools More Access to Public Funding

Friday, August 21 | 1-2 pm CDT

Join other heads for our upcoming coaching call with a panel of legal experts to discuss on how the recent Supreme Court decision to provide religious schools with more access to public funding impacts your school and your school's families.

Legal Considerations with Employment and Student Issues with Covid-19

Friday, August 8 | 1-2 pm CDT

As we enter this uncharted territory, there are many employment and student-related issues for schools to consider. Join Fisher Phillips attorneys, Kristin Smith and Susan Guerette, as they give practical advice on how to reduce risks for schools as they prepare to reopen in the fall.

Resource Downloads: PowerPoint, Prayer

Panel on School Reopening Plans

Tuesday, August 4 | 2-3 pm CDT

A few schools have already released plans for the fall and are ready to welcome students. However, many schools are still in the process of developing their plans. Come interact with a panel of school leaders who have released their plans and will share their ideas. They will discuss how they developed their plans and what they are doing to communicate publicly and prepare for implementation.

Download Example Plans: Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3
Download Protocols: HPS Protocols
Additional Resources: (1) On Rights and Love (2) Masks (3) Local Pastor

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