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Why An SCL Cohort?

Do you need someone to turn to as you encounter new challenges?

It’s always good to know you’re not alone! Connect with others in your role at classical Christian schools around the country. Build relationships, share ideas, and support each other in small groups while learning best practices in your field of speciality.

Cohort leaders are seasoned professionals in their field. Based on years of experience, they will share professional standards , help you avoid common pitfalls, and equip you with the resources you need to be successful.

Don’t go it alone!

What Are Participants Saying?

About SCL Cohorts

Cohorts are year-long or multi-year mentorship learning groups led by veteran school leaders with expertise in their field. Cohorts offer the vital support you need to serve your school with excellence. Cohorts offer a combination of content and mentorship through the utilization of online platforms Zoom and Thinkific.

Each cohort will:

  • Participate in monthly sessions with other school leaders to discover new tactics and ask questions about topics important to you. 
  • Receive specialized resources, shared documents, and training material.
  • Stay connected with other leaders dealing with similar situations.
  • Hear from experienced leaders and industry experts.
  • Utilize one-to-one engagement with your group leader.
  • Use each month flexibly for independent work, connecting with peers, and group learning.
  • Experience open dialogue to discuss issues, challenges, and victories.

Grow Together.

leadership cohorts

Upper School Heads

Led by Robyn Burlew
Begins September 1, 2022

Academic Leadership

Led by Andrew Smith
Begins September 12, 2022

Athletic directors

Led by Beck Brydon
Begins September 20, 2022

Board ChairS

Led by Leslie Moeller
Begins January 25, 2023

Aspiring Heads of School

Led by Eric Cook
Begins October 4, 2022

Head of School Year One

Led by Keith Nix
Begins in September

Head of School Year Two

Led by Keith Nix
Begins in September

Admissions & Marketing

Led by Elizabeth Perkins
Begins August 29, 2022

Grammar School Heads (Year Two)

Led by Jessica Gombert
Begins September 29, 2022

Collaborative Heads (Advanced)

Led by Neil Anderson
Begins September 16, 2022

Grammar School Heads (Year One)

Led by Jessica Gombert
Begins September 21, 2022

Teaching cohorts

Upper School Science

Led by Brian Polk
Begins August 16, 2022

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$ 2,499
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We do not want anyone to miss out on participation due to cost. If you are a startup or small school and need a scholarship, please let us know. 


For all cohort and registration questions, please contact sarah@societyforclassicallearning.org

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