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About the cohort

The Head of School role is critical to the success of every classical Christian school. It is a calling that is both very fulfilling and challenging. It demands a myriad of leadership skills and qualities. Anyone considering a transition into a Head of School position needs to understand the dynamics of the role and be adequately prepared. This cohort aims to support, equip, and encourage aspiring Heads through monthly training, collaboration and fellowship. “Aspiring” Heads includes: division Heads who are considering becoming a Head of School, interim Heads, board members who may be interested in becoming Heads, and/or faculty who would contemplate a Head of School role in the future.

Meeting Date & Time: First Tuesday of each month from 4:00-5:30 pm EST, beginning October 4th.

Meet Your Cohort Leader​

Eric Cook is the President of the Society for Classical Learning (SCL). Eric has been formally associated with SCL for over a decade serving in multiple roles, including Executive Director and Board Chair. He was the Head of School at Covenant Classical in Fort Worth, TX for 13 years before joining SCL full time. Prior to Covenant, Eric was the Head of Upper School at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, VA. Eric also taught and served in leadership at several public schools. Eric earned a bachelor’s degree from Transylvania University, and a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. He is currently working on an EdS in Classical School Leadership from Gordon College. Eric has taught a myriad of subjects from philosophy to thesis. He consults with schools and coaches leaders in a variety of contexts. He speaks and presents at conferences around the country. Eric and his wife, Liz, have six children. They live in Richmond, Virginia, home of the SCL headquarters.
Eric Cook
President, Society for Classical Learning

Cohort Syllabus

Dan Allender states that the most determinative aspect of leadership is one’s character. While it is important to possess high levels of knowledge and skills, they are simply not enough. The high performing leader must be self-aware and spiritually mature. He must be able to empathize, connect, listen and serve the people he leads by maximizing their potential and gifts. These two months will be focused on understanding what it means to be relationally wise, know yourself, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, inspire those you lead, and honor Christ in all of your relationships at the school.

This session will focus on the core competencies that every Head of School must have to be effective and successful.

Every Head of School must understand the history, philosophies, and nature of non-profit governance. The Head cannot lead up and exert influence effectively without understanding best practices and developing high levels of trust with his board, especially his board Chair. The Head must not only be informed about the board’s role, he must also learn to navigate the complexities of the boardroom. Aspiring Heads will become familiar with the ISM governance model, the stability markers and the Governance as Leadership model.

It is not enough to know governance principles. A Head must earn the respect of her board and learn to bolster the school’s strength and sustainability by working closely with the board as peers, not just as superiors.

Additionally, all the advancement (admissions, marketing, development) activity of the school will be assessed in light of the school’s enrollment, fundraising and recruitment goals.

The Head is responsible for the financial and material resources of the school. He must learn to steward those resources effectively to ensure the mission of the school is accomplished. There are key financial indicators and tools available to independent school leaders that every Head should know. These best practices will be reviewed and discussed in detail.

The focus over the course of this month will be on vision, what it is, why it is important, what great visionaries do and how vision is transformed into reality.

Session IX will focus on the Head’s role in shaping the culture of the school. While the Head should function at a high level, she must be able to create a healthy, Christ-centered place to learn and work.

This month we will discuss what it means to build a high performing leadership team. We will discuss how to build a structure that maximizes the abilities of everyone on your team and serves the school efficiently. We will also discuss how to build high levels of trust and work together with honest, open communication.


aspiring heads cohort

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Joining a cohort

In order to keep group sizes small, and maximize effectiveness, groups are limited in size (typically 10-12) and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are asked to commit to the work and engagement involved.
Due to the limited size, some individuals will be waitlisted until there are enough applicants to form a new group. Also, a minimum of six participants are needed for each group to make.


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