What constitutes a Classical art education in a Classical Christian school? the skill of representational drawing is just the beginning. The well-educated student is exposed to and is able to manipulate artists’ materials to meet his or her needs. The student studies the work of the old masters and, in their tradition, copies their work. By studying the masters’ biographies, the student understands the artists’ place in history. This workshop will offer practical ideas to introduce and train students to draw, to see, and to appreciate the visual beauty around them.

Carol Seitz

Mrs. Seitz graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, with a B.A. in Art Education and began teaching art in 1990. She was introduced to Classical Christian education in 1996 when she was employed by Rockbridge Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. There she developed an art curriculum for grades 1-6, later adding grades 7-8 as the school grew. Presently, she is in her fifth year of teaching art to K-8 students at Lighthouse Christian Academy in Stevensville, Maryland where she has developed additional curriculum for Kindergarten. She is a widow with three grown sons and five wonderful grandsons.