Pastor Juan Sanchez will help us focus our understanding and efforts with a biblical view of race.

The issue of race is at the forefront in our culture. As classical Christian schools, we are addressing it in a variety of ways. No doubt, all of our efforts to respond faithfully are challenging. While each school aspires to be rooted in God’s Word as we navigate the perspectives and relationships involved, there is a lot of confusion about what actually constitutes a faithful response. In this session, Pastor Juan Sanchez will help us focus our understanding and efforts with a biblical view of race. He will primarily focus on Paul’s vision in Ephesians to establish a redeemed community that is diverse, but united in Christ. Pastor Sanchez will encourage all of us to make sure that our biblical foundations are established and form the basis of our actions.

Juan Sanchez

Since 2005, Juan has served as senior pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and holds an MDiv, a ThM, and a PhD in systematic theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition, Juan serves as a council member of The Gospel Coalition, co-founder and president of Coalición, assistant professor of Christian theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and former president of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. He has authored numerous books, including 1 Peter for You and Seven Dangers Facing your Church. Juan came to faith in Christ at the age of 17 out of a Roman Catholic background, and since 1990 has been married to Jeanine. They live in the Austin metro area and have five daughters, two sons-in-law, one granddaughter, and two grandsons.

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