2018-2019 504 Coordinator

Responsive Ed school district Published: February 2, 2018
Job Type


Primary Purpose:

The Section 504 Coordinator is responsible for training staff in the requirements of Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the preparation of compliance documents for students eligible for Section 504 Services.  The Section 504 Coordinator ensures district compliance with all state, federal, and district 504 requirements.


Bachelor’s degree and teacher certification

Special Knowledge/Skills:

• Knowledge of Section 504 laws as well as local policies and procedures
• Knowledge of instructional materials and technology
• Knowledge of and experience implementing instructional accommodations
• Knowledge of state assessment accommodations
• Ability to interpret data
• Ability to organize and facilitate services
• Skilled in working with computer platforms, including but not limited to, Google apps, eSped, Word documents and  spreadsheets
• Skilled in working in collaborative team-based environments
• Skilled in working with, and presenting, to diverse populations of students, parents, and others
• Exercise good judgment in decision making, especially in difficult circumstances
• Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
• Self-directed, detailed-minded problem solver
• Ability to speak effectively before groups of parents, students, and staff


• At least 3- years teaching experience
• Prefer experience in Section 504 leadership
• Prefer experience with computer based documentation systems

Essential Job Functions:

• Develop and implement training for school staff in the identification of students eligible for Section 504 services.
• Develop and implement training for school staff in compliant completion of Section 504 documentation.
• Ensures all Section 504 documentation is uploaded to designated place within 72 hours of the meeting
• Monitors completed Section 504 documentation to ensure compliance
• Assists campus administrator(s) to ensure implementation of Section 504 Accommodations
• Completes lists, forms, reports, and data requested or required by the Executive Director
• Maintains thorough documentation regarding any parent disagreement/concerns
• Attends relevant professional development.
• Dependable performance, including travel as necessary

•Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor or other administrator that are consistent with the general requirements and qualifications for the position.