Aristoi Classical Academy
April 27, 2022
5610 Morton Road, Katy, TX 77493, Katy, TX
Job Type


POSITION: 5th/6th Grade Art/Art History Teacher

REPORTS TO: Headmaster and/or Assistant Headmaster



JOB SUMMARY: Teachers are responsible for the classical education of their students. As examples to their students, teachers are expected to demonstrate high moral character and embrace the virtues of a classical education. Design, plan, and implement effective lessons based on a classical education philosophy, content, scope and sequence, and the state TEKS.


Teachers are employed at-will and operate as professionals within the guidelines established by the School Charter, the Board of Directors, Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of Aristoi Classical Academy.


Adherence to Aristoi Classical Academy’s Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

  • Develop the intellect of each student to the utmost of his/her ability using differentiation and the academic rigor of classical education
  • Understand and adhere to the principles and practice of classical education, apply the principles of the high expectations of the Trivium to his/her level of teaching
  • Develop the personal character and disciplined culture of excellence of every student
  • Present a virtuous role model for students that reflects the vision of the school in conduct and behavior professionally, ethically, and responsibly
  • Learn and implement the "Teamwork” approach, collaborating and cooperating with other members of the staff
  • Loves the subject and age group of students assigned to teach
  • Commit to a lifestyle of learning


Knowledge of Academic Discipline(s) and Teaching Abilities

  • Submit a year long scope and sequence to Headmaster before parent orientation during in-service
  • Assess each child's skills at the beginning of the year (or upon his/her first arrival) and throughout the year through formal and informal assessments
  • Develop and implement lesson plans that follow a classical education including the TEKS. Lesson plans are due at least by the Friday before the following week. Each lesson plan will include and identify each skill being taught, including planned differentiation.
  • Set up a file for each child, or add to his/her existing file, that reflects his/her mastery of skills and attributes, examples of his/her work, results of conferences, and all test results
  • Assist students in improving study habits
  • Promote learning by modeling and demonstrating appropriate behaviors
  • Report students struggling with any subject or skills to the Response to Intervention (RtI) Coordinator for strategies in guiding the student and informing the parents
  • Provide extra tutoring for any student struggling with a subject or skill.
  • Compile, maintain and file all reports, records, and other documents required by the business office and administration
  • Communicate frequently with students and their parents


Maintenance of Classroom

  • Create a classroom that provides a welcoming, nurturing, and stimulating

environment appropriate to the intellectual, emotional, and behavioral development of students

  • Build appropriate relationships with the students that help them develop a passion for learning
  • Model the Character Building virtues of humility, honesty, charity, prudence, respect, responsibility, perseverance, and temperance to provide the students the means to become men and women of virtuous character
  • Enforce the dress code
  • Require students to speak in turn
  • Prevent any student from disrupting the class by 1. Setting the limit of your classroom core values once
  1. Follow through immediately with loving action
  • Require students to be respectful to the teacher and others
  • Be persistent in engaging students, training them to be attentive and participatory
  • Teach, by modeling, students to treat others as he/she would want to be treated
  • Tolerate no bullying or cruelty among students
  • Be sensitive to and aware of problems as they are developing and intervene immediately


Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications

  • Depth of knowledge in academic disciplines hired to teach
  • Breadth of understanding across the curriculum
  • Ability to speak and write lucidly and grammatically
  • Ability to correct students in writing and in speaking
  • Ability to convey knowledge to students
  • Moderate to proficient use of computers (Mac and/or PC)
  • Be a lifelong learner


Parental Relations/Overall Attitude

  • Collaborate with individual students and their parents to develop an individual success plan for each student in his or her classroom
  • Encourage volunteerism
  • Develop positive professional communication and relationship


Other Teacher Requirements

  • Punctuality and attendance
  • Professionalism in appearance and actions
  • Attendance to other assigned duties
  • Always choose safety. Take precautions to protect students, yourself, other staff, equipment, materials, and facilities. Immediately report any unsafe or suspected conditions of any kind
  • Immediately bring students to student care and fill out an incident report for students with injuries or illnesses
  • Cooperate with the special education teacher to modify curricula as needed for special education students according to guidelines established by their Individual Education Plan
  • Participate in staff development and professional improvement programs
  • Comply with all charter school policies, procedures, state regulations, and policies for classroom teachers
  • Communicate with the Team Leader, Assistant Headmaster/Dean of Students, or Headmaster regarding students, parents, lesson plans, curriculum, needed materials, extracurricular activities, field trips and any other concerns
  • Perform any additional duties related to ongoing effectiveness of program as directed


Minimum Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a four year, accredited university.
  • Highly qualified
  • Ability and willingness to teach a range of subjects
  • Willingness to teach and model moral character
  • Conviction in the values of a rigorous liberal-arts education
  • Ability to maintain an orderly classroom
  • Liberal Arts education preferred
  • Texas Teacher Certification preferred
  • Previous teaching experience preferred


Other Requirements

  • Be able to travel on school business, attend in and out of the area trainings, meetings and /or conferences as required
  • Maintains confidentiality of information as required by school personnel policies and/or state and federal regulations
  • Maintain one’s self at all times so as not to discredit himself/herself or the school

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