Whitefield Academy
June 9, 2021
8929 Holmes Road, Kansas City, Missouri
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Whitefield Academy 5th Grade Lower-School Teacher
Successful candidates for the Lower-School Teacher position at Whitefield Academy serve as intellectual and moral mentors to their students. While the task of the school is primarily to educate the mind, we know that it is impossible to accomplish that task without building strong character. As students grow older and they become more mature in virtues, especially the virtues of self-control (moderation) and fortitude, they can achieve new heights of intellectual enterprise. Whitefield lower-school teachers endeavor to train students in moral character to help them become the young men and women God created them to be. As such, lower-school teachers must manage their classrooms excellently and discipline students well in partnership with student’s parents.

Whitefield students become proficient in the liberal arts. Lower school focuses on the Arts of Arithmetic and Grammar. The Art of Arithmetic comprehends number and lays the foundation for students to solve problems creatively, even as those problems become increasingly abstract. Whitefield students learn how to be careful in their work and how to think logically as they gain facility in the first mathematical art. The Art of Grammar teaches students to use words well, to render reality in words. Whitefield students learn how to read deep texts, especially Scripture, and how to express themselves correctly. Lower-school teachers must therefore have strong knowledge of the English language and facility with mathematical concepts, even beyond what they teach at that grade level.

In all that we do, we point students toward Christ and the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in the world that God created. Lower-school teachers therefore have a robust faith in Jesus Christ. They exude love and support for their students, while holding them to high standards of intellectual achievement and moral conduct.

Even as we seek to create life-long learners, so we ourselves continue to learn and grow in the noble craft of teaching. The successful candidate will develop a professional growth plan in conjunction with the Assistant Head of School. Additionally, she/he will participate in ongoing reading groups at the school concerned with the vision for classical Christian education. The candidate will also attend weekly and other faculty meetings with a view toward furthering his/her understanding of classical education and the ability to teach with a pedagogy consistent with traditional classical Christian education.


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