Academic Dean/Curriculum Director

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Augustine Classical Academy
May 18, 2021
480 S. Kipling St., Lakewood, Colorado
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Augustine Classical Academy--a classical, Christian school just outside of beautiful Denver, Colorado—is looking for an academic dean/director of curriculum for the 2021-22 academic year. As our programs grow, we seek a talented and eager administrator familiar with and passionate about classical learning to build our team.

Job Description: The Academic Dean/Director of Curriculum and Instruction oversees every facet of the school’s operation that directly influences student learning. In this administrative role, the dean/director monitors classroom instruction and curriculum management and development for all subject areas, grades K–12. This individual is also responsible for direct oversight of the instructional staff and reports to the Head of School. 

Moreover, the right candidate has deep affection for classical, Christian education and a clear vision of how the Trivium equips young men and women well for lives of obedience to God, service to others, engagement in community and work environments, and lifelong curiosity and eagerness to learn. He or she has at least seven years’ experience teaching and has strong pedagogical vision and execution—and the skills, passion, and finesse to teach teachers well. 

The right candidate’s life shows evidence of a deep personal relationship with Christ. He or she lives joyfully and obediently—and agrees with Chesterton that “seriousness is not a virtue. … Solemnity flows out of men naturally, but laughter is a leap. It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light.”


  •       Provide curriculum direction according to the following categories and terms:

o   Research and planning:

  • Maintain and update all K–12 curriculum maps for teacher, administration, and website use on a year basis.
  • Gather regular, systematic feedback from teachers on how well curricula are executed in classrooms and find solutions for challenges when they arise.
  • Create annual K–12 class and teacher schedules to be distributed in final form to staff by June 15 each year.

o   Inventory:

  • Develop hard curriculum inventory database [NOTE: Does this already exist? If so, change to “update.”]
  • Develop protocol for textbook distribution and collection and lock/hold report cards of any students with unreturned or damaged textbooks.

o   Orders:

  • Create list of annual curriculum needs and work with Head of School and Director of Finance to fulfill those needs within parameters of annual school budget.
  • Place all K–12 orders in time for teachers to receive curricula by June 15 each year.

o   Curriculum committee:

  • Lead and organize annual curriculum committee meetings to renew or update K–12 curricula and provide summary document of any recommended changes for Board approval.  
  •       Maintain congruency of school mission statement and all K–12 academic activities.

o   Serve on hiring committee as needed

  •       Manage academic reports

o   Oversee and review attendance, gradebooks, quarterly plans, and evaluations of all teachers on a weekly basis

o   Collect and mail all report caryuds on a quarterly basis and all evaluations twice a year.

o   Maintain student academic records and update student filing systems

o   Request academic records of all new students, and distribute academic records of all departing students

  •       Evaluate and seek to elevate and enhance ACA’s K–12 academic program through mentorship and coaching

o   Perform classroom observations to monitor teachers’ classroom management, structure, and daily lesson preparation.

o   Assess classroom appearance and design and recommend changes as needed

o   Conduct formal evaluations of academic staff in concert with Head of School once per semester.

o   Support academic staff in collaboration with Head of School by conducting monthly in-service training

o   Mentor teaching staff by conducting periodical pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings to enhance individual development.

o   Encourage networking and idea-sharing among teaching staff

o   Assist in constructing personal development goals

o   Ensure academic staff continues working toward completion of ACCS teacher certification

  •       Oversee and organize key academic events:

o   Recitation (twice each academic year)

o   Annual Speech Meet (school-wide and district/regional event in partnership with other participating schools)

o   Annual standardized testing

  •       Teach as needed
  •       Demonstrate leadership and lead by example
  •       Model school values and desired culture
  •       Cultivate a solutions-oriented outlook, a mentality of action rather than reaction, a balance of excellence and grace, and a demeanor that is glorifying to God
  •       Cultivate camaraderie and team-building

 Interested candidates can find details on applying at

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