Samuel Fuller School
December 15, 2021
6 Plympton Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts
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Samuel Fuller School
Assistant Head of School Job Description

Reporting: The Assistant Head of School reports to the Head of School.


  • The Assistant Head of School position requires at least a Bachelor’s Degree. A Master’s Degree is desirable, though not required.
  • The Assistant Head of School must have classroom teaching experience.
  • The Assistant Head of School must have experience as a headmaster, administrator, director, or lead teacher  in a classical Christian school or have performed a similar role.
  • The Assistant Head of School must serve as an active member in good standing of a church whose statement of faith agrees with the Samuel Fuller School Statement of Faith as well as the school’s statements on marriage, sexuality, and gender.
  • The Assistant Head of School must fully agree with the purpose, mission, and vision of Samuel Fuller School. 
  • The Assistant Head of School possesses strong organizational, time management, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • The Assistant Head of School will have demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, teachers, and the school’s stakeholder community. 
  • The Assistant Head of School must be eager, humble, and emotionally mature – working to constantly expand his/her abilities by gaining further training in areas of weakness.

Work Year: This position is a full-time, salaried position that works 12 months a year. As stated in the Faculty and Staff Handbook, administrative hours are from 7:45 AM to 3:00 PM during the school year, while school is in session. Other hours are project-based (see Duties and Responsibilities below) and are to be served at the discretion of the Head of School. Attendance is required at all faculty/staff meetings, school events, and activities with exceptions made for extenuating circumstances. 

Spiritual Leadership – The Samuel Fuller School Assistant Head of School  is expected to consistently exhibit love, joy, peace, and emotional and spiritual maturity before his students and the rest of the school. The Assistant Head of School is expected to be a student and lover of the Bible, God's only written Word. Active, joyful leadership in any staff meetings and school assemblies is expected. He or she demonstrates an example of Christ-like behavior and professional conduct resulting in students who can emulate his behaviors, attitudes, and work ethic. 

Professionalism and School Culture - The Assistant Head is to consistently and joyfully demonstrate pride in Samuel Fuller School by his work, punctuality, speech, attitude, dress, and attention to duties. Essential expectations of faculty members and administrative staff include the successful performance of the following activities:

  • Overtly supporting and acting in accordance with the school’s mission and values. This includes mandatory enrollment of children at SFS unless extenuating circumstances exist which must be determined with Board counsel. The school will make every effort to ensure that the cost of tuition is not prohibitive.
  • Demonstrating appropriate planning and preparation for instruction.
  • Developing and maintaining an atmosphere that inspires learning.
  • Upholding professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, responsibility, courtesy, and discretion.
  • Attending required events with the purpose of strengthening the parent/school partnership, growing and establishing the school culture, building a spirit of trust, and encouraging fellow faculty and staff members.
  • Communicating with parents effectively and regularly.
  • Maintaining professional credentials, as appropriate.
  • Honoring the confidentiality of school and student information
  • Complying with the policies and procedures as articulated in the SFS Faculty & Staff Handbook.
  • Engaging in self-reflection and annual development of a growth and renewal program plan.

Administrative and Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Assists the Head of School in supervising the day-to-day operations of the school
  • Assists the Head of School in planning the school year program
    • Planning the school year calendar
    • Identifying goals and specific tasks to meet deadlines
    • Coordinating school activities and events
    • Designating appropriate personnel to accomplish specific tasks
  • Assists the Head of School in implementing and applying all policies and procedures as framed in the Parent/Student Handbook and the Faculty/Staff Handbook 
  • Assists the Head of School in faculty and staff support 
    • Support may include hiring, evaluating, mentoring, developing, and correcting as needed
    • Support may include leadership during staff meetings and assistance with staff training and development (topics, school vision and standards, spiritual atmosphere of the school, etc.)
  • Assists the Head of School in the management and oversight of school facilities - This includes fostering a positive relationship and healthy communication with the school’s host/landlord.
  • Assists the Head of School in  editing and updating of all printed business materials and publications as required 
  • Works with the chairman of volunteer committees to mobilize the school’s families in meeting daily needs, special events, fundraising, publicity, and other needs that may arise at various times 

School Growth and Development

  • Assists the Head of School in establishing school goals and executing plans for implementation
  • Helps to build and maintain a positive image of the school within the community and school
    • May include duties involving advertising (website, social media, etc.) and fostering relationships with benefactors, local churches, other Christian schools, local businesses, etc. 
    • Includes duties involving communicating the classical Christian model of education to parents and students.
  • Assists the Head of School in brainstorming and implementing ideas to stimulate growth and development of the School, including obtaining optimum enrollment and building strong administrative leadership and faculty teams
  • Communicates CCE philosophy and vision to interested parties who may schedule tours, arrive unannounced, or call to inquire. Be willing to guide interested parties through school tours.
  • Interviews prospective students and families, jointly with the Head of School and selected faculty and board members, and recommends admission for qualified students and families.
  • Promotes the growth and development of the character and spirit of the school through school assemblies, outreach events, student body activities, etc.

Academic Responsibilities

  • Maintains currency with educational thought and practices in classical and Christian schools, as well as in secular education.
  • Stays up to date with current political, cultural, and educational issues affecting the school
  • Assists the Head of School in evaluating the school instructional program and oversees the implementation of the classical Christian instruction and vision.
  • The Assistant Head of School may teach a limited number of academic hours on an as-needed basis. 

Student Oversight and Discipline

  • Actively supports the biblical role of parents in the education of their children
  • Is regularly visible within the school and grounds
  • Is available to meet with parents and students
  • Regularly encourages and evaluates student character according to biblical standards
  • Establishes a relationship with each student and knows each student by name
  • Establishes and maintains an atmosphere of student order and cheerful obedience
  • Duties may involve mediating and directing teacher, student, and parent meetings
  • Counsels students to resolve conflicts with one another biblically
  • Assists the Head of School in overseeing and implementing the school’s discipline policy according to the principles listed below:
    • Administering discipline in accordance with God’s Word
    • Communicating promptly with parents when disciplinary measures are implemented and ensuring that students and parents understand the nature of the disobedience, the subsequent disciplinary action, and the reasons why it was administered

Board and Fiscal Responsibilities

  • Provide insight and assistance to the Head of School as needed in strategic and financial planning as well as in the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Work together with the Head of School to process FAST tuition assistance applications and communicate award amounts to enrolled families.
  • Works together with the Head of School in the development and implementation of non-tuition revenue generation (fundraising events and campaigns, donor relationships and recruitment, etc.)



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