Director of the Upper School

The Geneva School Published: March 14, 2019
Winter Park, Florida
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Director of the Upper School

The Geneva School is looking to hire a Director of the Upper School. The Director of the Upper School supervises rhetoric school faculty as assigned, reviews and develops rhetoric and dialectic school curricula, and trains the faculty in implementing the curricula in accordance with the Board’s stated mission, vision, and values.

Qualified candidates will:

  • Hold a graduate degree in educational administration or other applicable field of study. (Appropriate experience or applicable course of study being pursued will be consider.)
  • Have distinguished academic experience with proven teaching skills.
  • Have proven administrative leadership abilities and relational capabilities.
  • Have proven abilities to articulate Christian classical philosophy and pedagogy.
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Have redemptive conflict management and problem solving skills.
  • Have demonstrated initiative, resourcefulness, and the ability to complete projects.
  • Manifest an attitude of respect for Board actions and policies.
  • Have team-building experience and the ability to encourage faculty to reach their potential.

The candidate must:

  • Ascribe to and agree with The Geneva School’s statement of faithwithout exception.
  • Be theologically reformational in worldview.
  • Have a clearly-evident love for students.
  • Have a sincere commitment to Christian classical education and its implementation.

Expectations of the Director of the Upper School:

To the internal constituency of the school the leadership of the Director of the Upper School is exerted because students need an education that orders their loves and renews their minds in preparation for service in the Kingdom of God. Director of the Upper School is charged with cultivating an educational community of faith and learning within the Christian, liberal arts tradition whose community of learners studies, re-imagines, and teaches within the Christian, liberal arts tradition.

In order to succeed in this endeavor, the strategic anchors that form the Director of the Upper School’s responsibilities, and which serve as the basis for the annual evaluation, lie in the following functional categories:

Geneva re-imagines and embodies the richest practices of Christian, liberal arts culture, curricula, and pedagogy.

  • Conduct annual review of 7-12th curricula and set annual priorities for in-depth curricula review and revision.
  • Establish faculty team to conduct in-depth review and revision.
  • Conduct research and lead team in conducting research to design and implement curricula according to Christian, classical model (CCE) and its best implementation in The Geneva School context.
  • Establish practices for recording decisions and curricular revisions made by the team.
  • Plan and implement the roll-out of curricular changes including communication with faculty, parents, and students.
  • Develop and implement evaluation process for monitoring implementation of curricular changes.
  • Conduct end-of-first-year debrief of newly implemented curricular revisions.
  • Work with the Athletic Director regarding sports culture at school as well as the interface of student academics and athletics.
  • Work with co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as to their interface with student academics.
  • Oversee, along with the guidance staff, student discipline and behavior.
  • Direct the work of the faculty sponsors of the House system.

Geneva educates each constituency of the school community (Board, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, prospective families, friends of Geneva) regarding our purpose and core values.

  • Assist the Administrative team in the dissemination and promulgation of Christian classical education and an admiration for its vision and ideals within the school and Orlando Community and beyond.
  • Assist in representing the school to the public during tours of the school, prospective parent nights, open houses, and other events.
  • Participate in opportunities (conferences, workshops, etc.) for educational growth in Christian classical education for yourself and encourage this strategically for faculty and staff.
  • Participate in the planning and leading of faculty meetings and faculty development days.

Geneva leverages the student experience for the purpose of dignifying each student, fostering educational growth, spurring retention, and boosting recruitment.

  • Teach assigned courses, modeling best CCE practices.
  • Lead, and aid in scheduling, rhetoric school special events.
  • Facilitate clear communication between Administrative team, faculty and staff, parents, and students.

Upper school faculty supervision and operations.
(This list is not exhaustive and many other jobs and responsibilities are done on an ad hoc and as needed basis.)

  • Participate on the Academic Administrative team to make operational and directional decisions for the school including long- and mid-term strategic planning.
  • For assigned faculty and staff, complete annual review per The Geneva School faculty development and evaluation program.
  • Make recommendations for promotion, retention, or release of upper school faculty, especially those assigned for supervision.
  • Participate in the hiring process of rhetoric teachers.
  • Report to Headmaster the overall condition of the rhetoric school educational program as appropriate
  • Oversee the faculty’s accountability through ParentsWeb and Atlas for lesson plans, grades, and curricular mapping.
  • In addition to overseeing the professional development program, mentor all 7th-12th faculty new to Geneva.
  • Meet with parents as needed regarding academic and behavioral issues.