Austin Classical School
May 17, 2022
Austin, Texas
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Upper School Latin Teacher Austin Classical School

Austin Classical School is a classical, Christian, collaborative school in Austin, Texas, currently serving PreKindergarten through 10th grade. Austin Classical School exists to glorify Jesus Christ by co-laboring with families to cultivate wise, virtuous, and humble students through an excellent classical, Christian education.

In our collaborative model, Grammar School students (PreK-4th) are on campus two days per week (M/W), School of Logic students (5th-8th) are on campus three days per week (M/W/Th), and School of Rhetoric students (9th-10th) are on campus four days per week (M-Th). On the remaining weekdays, students are at home completing assigned work independently or under the guidance of their co-teaching parents.

Entering our 10th year of operation, our team is working to build out our School of Rhetoric through the 12th grade. We are currently seeking a full-time educator to anchor our Upper School Latin program and to help build out the Upper School student experience.

We are looking for a professional who:

●  Loves and serves Jesus wholeheartedly

●  Truly enjoys teaching and engaging with middle and high school students

●  Demonstrates a passion for Latin and the ability to impart a love for this discipline

●  Has a deep passion for truth, goodness and beauty within the scope of a liberal arts education

●  Has experience with classical pedagogies and a desire to teach in the classical Christian tradition

●  Possesses strong written and verbal communication skills

●  Enjoys working as part of a team of believers called by God to create a school dedicated to His glory

●  Has strong classroom management skills to help good students achieve high levels of excellence

●  Is a self-starter with a positive, “can do” attitude and a sense of humor

●  Demonstrates a willingness to continue to learn and grow as a professional

●  Joyfully a rms our Statement of Faith

●  Possesses a bachelor’s degree and relevant teaching experience

Teaching Responsibilities for SY 2022-23: (80% of role)

● Classroom teacher: M-Th - 5 classes with 4 preps o 7th Grade Latin 1A (M/W/Th)
o 8th Grade Latin 1B (M/W/Th)
o 9th Grade Latin 2 (M-Th)

o 10th Grade Latin 3 (M-Th)
** Students are currently using Lingua Latina and have used Latin for Children & Latin Alive in past years.

●  Administer the National Latin Exam

●  Create a joyful, grace- lled classroom environment where students enjoy learning together

●  Develop lesson plans for both on-campus and home days

●  Communicate consistently, truthfully and graciously with students and parents

●  Engage students in age-appropriate classical instruction

●  Set measurable objectives for students to move towards mastery

●  Assess students both formally and informally and re ect results in their quarterly grade reports

●  Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom, taking care of curricula and equipment belonging to ACS and encouraging students to uphold the school-wide expectations regarding classroom behavior

Other Responsibilities: (20% of role)

●  Develop the Latin courses during the summer, with deadlines for syllabus, scope and sequence, and calendar.

●  Work with the leadership team to develop and implement a comprehensive Latin program for the school, including researching and evaluating curriculum, creating blueprints and scope & sequence documents for current and future courses, and implementing new ideas and processes.

●  Participate as a faculty sponsor to the House system. Launched during the 2020-21 school year, the ACS Houses currently encompass grades 7-10. The House system is at the center of social and spiritual development for Upper School students because it is one of the main places for social engagement, sports and other competitions, spiritual development, and leadership training. Because of the House system’s young age and the importance of it in the life of students, time and attention need to be given to further develop it.

●  Perform other duties as directed by the Head of Upper School.

On-Campus Time Requirements:

●  Summer faculty training days will be held: July 12 and August 3-5. Meetings with students will be held the week of August 8. First day of school is August 15.

●  On-campus instructional days are Monday-Thursday, 7:45a-4p, through the calendar school year (August 15, 2022-May 24, 2023). Fridays are also considered work days, but there is exibility to work from home as needed.

●  Monthly faculty meetings are held on one Friday of each month from 9a-1p, including May 26, 2023.

●  There is a student retreat at the beginning of the school year and an Upper School banquet in May.

●  For other important dates and breaks, see the academic calendar on our website.

Reports to: Andrew Brummett, Head of Upper School
Salary for this full-time position is commensurate with experience and is paid out over 12 months.

For more information, please visit our website . If you are interested in joining the ACS Team, please send your resume and cover letter to Liz Brown at

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