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LAM Christian Academy Published: March 2, 2019
Coeur d alene, ID
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LAM Christian Academy aspires to be provide a premier academic education in a nurturing Christian environment, and we are looking for a Head of School to continue improving the education and Christian character and culture at LAM.  LAM is centrally located in the beautiful town of Coeur d’ Alene ID.  In this community, we have developed an excellent teaching staff and a tight-knit parent community.  Our chief ambition is to improve all aspects of the K-5 operation and grow our school.  We are looking for someone with some experience in Classical Education as we begin to move and drive towards a more Classical Christian approach to our K-5 school.   The duties of the Head of School include hiring and overseeing all staff and administration, overseeing financial matters, maintaining the spiritual quality of the school, and managing all day-to-day administrative duties – all toward the vision in place at the school, as well as driving towards a more Classical Education.  Please send CV and a letter of application (including three references) to mbell@lamcda.ord.




23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,24since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.   It is the Lord Christ you are serving.(Col. 3:23-24)


The Head of School, in partnership with the Board, is responsible for the achievement of LAM Christian Academy’ Vision through the execution of the school’s mission and goals.






Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • A Christ-centered school culture


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Demonstrate evidence of consistent spiritual activities such as worship at a church, fellowship with the body of Christ, devotional time with the Lord, and study of Scripture.
  • Set an example for faculty, staff, and LAM families by seeking discernment, wisdom, and guidance through prayer and reliance on Scripture.
  • Be a Christian role model in speech, actions, and attitudes
  • Develop and grow the spiritual health of the school (e.g. faculty/staff/student devotions, etc.)





Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • Highly capable faculty and staff are available to meet LAM Christian Academy’s, Christian mission/goals
  • High standards and expectations are maintained for all faculty and staff
  • Positive, biblical relations exist and are evident among all faculty and staff
  • Responsibilities are delegated to faculty and staff, as appropriate according to their gifting
  • A growth and learning environment exists among the faculty and staff
  • Positive employee moral exists and is evident
  • Faculty and staff adhere to all personnel policies, procedures and guidelines.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Oversee LAM faculty and staff recruiting process to recruit faculty and administrative personnel whose philosophies and capabilities match the goals and expectations of LAM Christian Academy
  • In collaboration with and subject to final approval by the Board, oversee the hiring (and as necessary, required disciplinary action and dismissal) of faculty and staff
  • Nurture relationships with and mentor faculty and staff members, ensuring conformity to vision and mission, and encouraging spiritual growth
  • Prepare and maintain current, detailed job descriptions for all faculty and staff
  • Develop and oversee a plan for faculty and staff evaluation, improvement, and development
  • Conduct and document (or oversee, as appropriate) at least semi-annual performance reviews for all faculty and at least annually for all support staff
  • Establish and promote specific professional development goals for faculty (and staff, where appropriate)
  • Encourage growth and development of the faculty through in-service, workshops, training, etc.
  • Maintain current employee handbook
  • Maintain current (confidential) personnel files for all employees
  • Maintain awareness and lead development of positive employee morale
  • Conduct faculty meetings regularly and keep faculty and staff timely informed of all pertinent school business and plans.




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • Christian worldview is effectively integrated throughout the curriculum through the use of Biblical principles and a strong philosophy of Christian education.
  • Every student achieves to his/her fullest academic and personal potential.
  • An integrated classical curriculum and pedagogy are pursued and utilized in all subjects
  • Student discipline is addressed in a timely and consistent manner in accordance with biblical principles and school policy


Specific Responsibilities and Duties (in collaboration with Curriculum Committee, as appropriate):


  • Regularly communicate the vision and educational goals for classical and Christian education to faculty (staff and parents, where appropriate)
  • Regularly evaluate the curriculum and programs with professional staff and develop and submit proposals for curriculum improvement.
  • Oversee student discipline
  • Develop and oversee all extra curricula and student programs (e.g. sports, drama, etc.) to achieve a complete Christian education experience and to complement LAM’s educational experience.
  • Regularly meet with faculty and staff one on one to discuss instructional issues and opportunities
  • Regularly visit each classroom to stay abreast of instructional aspects of the school.
  • Coordinate administration of annual achievement tests and review results as part of continuous curriculum improvement process.
  • Oversee all promotions, accelerations, and retentions of students in accordance with policies set forth by the Board.
  • Remain abreast of educational trends and evaluate technological tools for enhancing the academic offering of LAM Christian Academy.
  • Serve as a key member of the Accreditation Committee (to be formed) leading LAM’s accreditation process – need to evaluate decision to pursue accreditation in the near term




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • The biblical role of parents in the education of their children is actively supported
  • Excellent relationships are maintained with parents and students
  • The benefits of classical, Christian education are well understood by parents
  • Parents are well informed about all aspects of the school and their children’s education
  • Parent volunteer organizations encourage parent involvement and effectively support the vision, mission and goals of the school.
  • Excellent relations are maintained with other constituency groups (donors, pastors, churches, other schools/universities, businesses, school neighbors, media, other not-for-profits, etc.)


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Evidence the fruit of the Spirit in the nurturing of relationships with faculty, staff, students, and families.
  • Be actively involved in the daily life and activities of students by personally recognizing their achievements and sharing in their successes as well as their problems and concerns.
  • Maintain a high profile by being visible and regularly attend school events
  • Actively seek and pursue opportunities to build awareness in the benefits of classical, Christian education, strengthen parent relations, and encourage support of the school.
  • Effect constant and open communication with all school stakeholders. Keep parents informed of the relevant school policies, curriculum and programs, events and issues in the school. Communicate at least weekly to families via personal interactions, notes, newsletters, etc.
  • Provide oversight and guidance related to quality and frequency of teacher/parent communications. Make certain that teachers effectively communicate to parents through conferences, private consultations, written notes/emails, etc. regarding the status of each student.
  • Oversee the various school events and programs (e.g. Veteran’s Performance, Christmas Performance, Speech and Math Meets, etc.)
  • Encourage frequent participation of parents within the school programs and oversee all volunteer activities in collaboration with the Home Room Parents
  • Represent LAMat parent, church, and community groups as able.
  • Serve as the primary representative/spokesperson for LAM to the community, educational associations, media and donors
  • Maintain relations with other Christian schools, local universities, businesses, and local public school districts
  • Foster and maintain useful relationships with local churches and pastors, local preschool directors and other members of the community
  • Disseminate school news to external parties when appropriate




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • Annual enrollment and fundraising goals are achieved and support the overall vision, mission and goals of LAM Christian Academy.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties (Marketing, Recruiting, Admissions, Enrollment):


  • Promote the school and actively recruit prospective students on an ongoing basis
  • Outline and maintain procedures for admission
  • Oversee (or personally conduct, where appropriate) application/enrollment interviews with prospective families and, as applicable, students and provide recommendation to Board for approval
  • Oversee development of a comprehensive early spring enrollment drive for continuing and new families.
  • Conduct exit interviews with all families that elect to withdraw fromLAMfor the purpose of understanding and potential further development and provide at least annual summary and analysis to Board


Specific Responsibilities and Duties (Development/Fundraising):


  • Collaborate with Board to establish annual fundraising performance goals and objectives and oversee execution of all major school fund-raisers (e.g. Spring Play, Auction, etc.)
  • Coordinate with parent volunteer groups on all minor school fundraisers to encourage and grow parent support in meeting the financial needs of LAM Christian Academy
  • In coordination with Board members, meet regularly with prospective donors to communicate the vision and mission of the school




Safety and Regulatory Compliance


Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • Safety of all students, employees and visitors.
  • Compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws, regulations and guidelines related to operating a private school.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Develop and maintain a school safety plan. Coordinate fire and safety drills and other procedures, as necessary, to ensure operational capabilities of safety plan.
  • Stay up-to-date on latest legal issues affecting the school.




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • Effective and efficient operation of the school
  • Adherence to the LAMArticles of Incorporation and Bylaws and LAMpolicies (Board Policy Manual, Student-Family Handbook, etc.)
  • Compliance with accrediting and school membership agency requirements
  • Compliance with lease and LCM Church facility policies


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Maintain up-to-date Student-Family Handbook
  • Implement established school policies and collaboratively review and make recommendations for change to the Board to ensure operational efficiency
  • Oversee the daily operational and administrative aspects of the school, including but not limited to:
    • development of school calendar and hours of operation
    • development and oversight of the teaching schedule,
    • ensuring adequate faculty staffing and substitute staffing as needed,
    • oversight of the ordering of supplies, textbooks, testing materials, and equipment,
    • managing school delays and closings,
    • ensuring the accuracy of major record keeping functions such as: student records, grading and attendance.
    • overseeing maintenance and cleaning of facilities
  • Coordinate capital/lease improvements, as appropriate and where approved




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • LAM Christian Academyoperates within its annually adopted budget.
  • Appropriate internal controls are maintained to safeguard school assets.
  • Accurate accounting records are continually maintained.
  • Tax return and other regulatory filings (e.g. Annual Report) are made timely and accurately.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties (in collaboration with CSW bookkeeper and/or Finance Committee):


  • In collaboration with the finance committee prepare the annual budget and submit to the Board for approval/adoption
  • Oversee and submit monthly and annual financial reports, including explanations of key budget variances, to the Finance Committee and/or Board for review.
  • Ensure timely and accurate processing of finance related matters such as purchasing, payroll, and payment of invoices and collection of all tuition and fees
  • Annually develop and present to the Board a 3 year financial plan showing future projections on revenue growth, operating expenses, key initiatives and capital requirements




Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes:


  • LAM is making adequate progress toward its Vision through the execution of the school’s mission and goals.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Proactively seek input and counsel from Board (and other advisors, as appropriate)
  • Support existing board policy and decisions and propose new policies and changes, as necessary
  • Develop and maintain key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress vs. vision & mission, key strategies and specific projects
  • Regularly report to the Board on aspects of the school’s performance
  • Maintain regular communication with the board, each appropriate committee of the Board, and serve on various sub-committees when appropriate.



About LAM


LAM is a nonprofit, self-supporting Christian school serving families in the Coeur d’Alene area since 1996. LAM provides a premier academic education to students from preschool through fifth grade in a nurturing Christian environment. Our goal is to mold faithful leaders who are humble servants.


Thanks to a dedicated staff, committed parents, and exceptional students, LAM can focus on a rigorous curriculum. LAM recognizes the future of education and is fulfilling those needs by transitioning to Singapore math and a state-of-art science curriculum. This is part of our commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). LAM provides a low student to staff ratio in the major disciplines of language arts, mathematics, science, history, and Bible education.


Spanish or Latin are part of the curriculum for all grades. A special emphasis is placed on the fine arts of music, drama, and art. Students excel in public speaking and participate in a wide range of performances throughout the school year. A before and after school program, summer camps, and Monday extra-curricular classes are available.