Head of School

Eastwood Christian School
January 5, 2020
Montgomery, Alabama
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Job Description:  Eastwood Christian School Head of School

Position Title: Head of School, Eastwood Christian School

Position Category: Administrative -12 month

Reports To: Eastwood School Board

Salary Range: $65,000 – $75,000 plus benefits

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The Eastwood Christian School Head of School is the chief academic and administrative officer, appointed by the School Board to administer and implement the mission and operating policies of the Board. The mission of Eastwood Christian School is to glorify God by providing a Christ-centered, biblically-based, classical education that instills a love for God, a desire to advance His Kingdom, and a passion for life-long learning. The Head of School’s primary duty is to implement the mission of Eastwood School in adherence to the Eastwood School Charter.  Other duties include, but are not limited to, admission and dismissal procedures, pre-qualifying all staff, developing budgets, ensuring performance to budget, preparing financial statements, maintaining the spiritual quality of the school, discipline of the student body, developing and delivering the curriculum, ensuring execution of curriculum, formal evaluations of all staff, hiring and dismissing staff, all day-to-day administrative duties, and help with capital development activities. The Head of School is responsible for managing daily operations and supervising all faculty and staff at Eastwood Christian School. In addition, the Head of School oversees the development and implementation of a Strategic Plan, as well as other duties as may be assigned by the Board. The Head of School’s performance evaluation will be conducted by the Board.


Profess belief in Jesus Christ and a lifestyle that reflects maturity and intimacy with God as evidenced by a strong, clear personal testimony.
Display the qualifications for an elder found in 1 Timothy 3: 1-7
Able to be a servant-leader whose conduct exemplifies Biblical principles
Have a genuine excitement and passion for Christian leadership
Encourage faculty and staff in their own Christian leadership capabilities
Adherence to The Reformed Faith and its confessions
Membership in a local PCA Church; Highly desired – membership at Eastwood Presbyterian Church

Have a Master’s degree or the equivalent
Have at least three (3) years of experience in administration
Demonstrated supervisory leadership
Experience in a Classical Christian school is highly desirable
Have a passion for Classical Christian education and its teaching style

Personal and General
Sincere desire to cultivate and support the environment of pastoral care and discipleship that characterizes Eastwood Christian School
Able to create a team environment and to mentor effectively in that environment
Ability to solve problems and build consensus by engaging appropriate parties in the implementation of solutions
Enthusiasm for, appreciation of, and commitment to the school’s mission
Able to meet people easily and cordially; comfortable with people representing diverse backgrounds
Have a professional demeanor with an ability to develop appropriate relationships with parents, staff, and community
Able to think strategically and to analyze complex situations
Insight into contemporary culture and the challenges facing our families, youth, and Classical Christian education
Able to extend beyond philosophy and theory to implement practical application Educational Leadership and School Management


Educational Leadership and School Management
Oversee the development and implementation of a continuous Strategic Planning process
Direct all other institutional planning processes, as required
Responsible for the overall operation of programs, human resources, and facilities
Lead the faculty in continuing educational growth and spiritual maturity as a highly respected Classical Christian institution
Spearhead accreditation in the Association of Classical Schools
Oversee all administrative, academic, extra-curricular, and student programs to achieve a complete Classical Christian education experience
Committed to the “whole student concept” of development by creating a continuum of learning in all relevant areas (academics, athletics, fine arts, leadership development, spiritual growth, and discipline)
Recruit, support, and retain teaching and administrative personnel whose philosophies match those of the school
Develop and apply strategies to continuously improve administrative, faculty, and staff professional development, salaries, and benefits
Remain abreast of educational developments and evaluate the use of standard and non-standard educational methods as tools for enhancing the academic offerings
Establish and promote goals for upper and lower school principals and administrative staff
Responsible for overseeing the hiring and dismissing of staff, in consultation with the school board

Serve as the school’s primary spokesperson and chief communicator between the Board, faculty, staff, parents, and community
Maintain excellent relationships with parents, faculty, staff, and students
Represent the Board in its relationships with faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders
Create constant and open communication with all school stakeholders
Promote a warm Christ-centered atmosphere within Eastwood Christian School
Provide strong, collaborative leadership to ensure consensus on future direction
Show involvement in the daily life and activities of students by being involved in school events on a regular basis

Organizational Setting
Ensure compliance with accrediting and school membership agencies
Establish objectives and procedures to ensure operational efficiency
Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal agencies and guidelines
In coordination with the Upper and Lower School Principal, and the Financial Administrator, prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board
Prepare monthly reports and make recommendations for change to the Board
Adhere to all personnel policies, procedures, and guidelines
Collaborate with all senior administration to fulfill the leadership model set forth by the Board
Establish and meet performance goals of the Board
Review and approve all development and capital campaign fundraising efforts
Monitor and guide the activities of the PTO and other parent volunteer groups designed to improve and increase parent support in identifying and supplementing the needs of the School

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