Harbor Christian School
March 17, 2022
623 Kress St. Houston, TX 77020, Houston, TX
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Harbor Christian Academy (HCA) is a classical Christian school providing a remarkable education to economically diverse students in Houston’s Greater Fifth Ward and Denver Harbor communities. Now in its fourth year of operation and serving 90 students in grades Pre-K through 5th (110 students estimated for the 2022-2023 school year), HCA is seeking a Head of School to lead the school through its next growth phase, as its students continue moving beyond the Grammar stage in classical education to the Logic stage (middle school).  https://www.harborchristianacademy.org/

The Head of School reports to Harbor Christian Academy’s Board of Directors (Board) and is responsible for:
·       Implementing the mission and vision of the school
·       Maintaining the academic integrity of the school
·       Leading the school and faculty
·       Ensuring professional and financially sound school operations
·       Encouraging spiritual growth in HCA’s students
·       Developing and maintaining constructive relationships with key  constituencies
·       Overseeing the school’s advancement program

As the leader of Harbor Christian Academy, the Head of School must model exemplary Christian character and embrace the virtues of a Christian life, and s/he should also model a passion for life-long learning and a commitment to the classical Christian model of education. The Head of School is the executive decision-maker for the school’s operation and should create an environment that fosters students’ spiritual growth and academic success in accordance with the principles set forth in the School’s Statement of Faith and its Mission Statement. The Head of School’s resources are a faculty of professional teachers and classroom aides, an Office Manager, a Director of Advancement, other administrative staff members (as budgeted), and a community of volunteers. The following expands on the responsibilities outlined above:

Implementing Mission and Philosophy
·       Adopt and promote the vision of the Board and the principles set forth        in the Mission Statement and other foundational documents
·       Represent the school to the community in a way that upholds the school’s mission and philosophy
·       Articulate the ideals of classical Christian education to the school’s constituencies, facilitating understanding and appreciation among faculty, staff, parents, students, and the community
·       Approve all curricular purchases and programs
·       Ensure all extra-curricular activities uphold the mission and philosophy of the school

Maintaining Academic Integrity
·       Ensure that the curriculum and teaching methods are academically sound and consistent with the principles of classical Christian education
·       Cultivate the skills and talents of teachers and set the intellectual tone for the school
·       Ensure that faculty are uniformly and consistently implementing academic policies
·       Educate students and families on the importance of a classical education

Leading the School and Faculty
·       Lead with a servant-leader mindset, with ability to help others grow through shepherding and coaching
·       Recruit, train, and retain excellent faculty and staff; oversee and approve teacher contracts
·       Annually evaluate faculty and staff performance; reward excellence; motivate and challenge faculty and staff who may be underperforming, and when necessary, terminate them
·       Plan for and implement opportunities for the faculty’s academic and professional growth

Ensuring Professional and Financially Sound School Operations
·       Propose an annual budget to the Board for approval, and then implement the budget consistent with the school’s mission and goals
·       Authorize expenditures in accordance with the annual budget; obtain Board approval if expenditures are anticipated to be more than 5% above the approved budget
·       Present the school’s operations and financial status for review at Board meetings
·       Oversee creation and maintenance of the parent/student and faculty handbooks

Encouraging Spiritual Growth in HCA’s Students
·       Develop and oversee the cultivation of virtues throughout the school
·       Exemplify and maintain, with the help of faculty and staff, a school culture that honors Christ and encourages students’ spiritual growth, while engendering a joyful spirit and cultivation of virtue

Developing and Maintaining Constructive Relationships with Key Constituencies
·       Maintain the school’s collaborative and warm relationship with Faith Memorial Baptist Church (on whose campus the school expects to remain for the foreseeable future)
·       Represent the school proactively to Fifth Ward and Denver Harbor residents, including churches, families, elected officials, and community leaders
·       Communicate with sensitivity and warmth across cultural and/or socio-economic differences with students, families, and the school’s constituencies
·       Oversee the school’s cooperation with other social service organizations in the community, so that the needs of school families are satisfied as completely as possible

Overseeing the School’s Advancement Program
·       Serve as the school’s chief public Advocate and Spokesperson, increasing awareness of the school in the community at large and the City of Houston
·       Encourage churches, schools, and individuals to partner with HCA and participate in God’s work in the inner city
·       Supervise the school’s Director of Advancement, ensuring that fundraising plans are concrete, strategic, and focused on meeting annual budget requirements
·       Cultivate relationships with donors and foundations in order to encourage financial participation in the life of the school
·       Ensure that fundraising metrics provided to the Board are timely and accurate

Position Requirements – Personal
·       Demonstrate maturity in Christ, as evidenced by a history of church attendance, personal humility, and commitment and service to others
·       Desire to create a school community that reflects the cultural, ethnic, economic, and denominational harmony which the Lord desires for the body of Christ
·       A passion for the underserved urban community represented by the greater Fifth Ward and Denver Harbor
·       Desire to passionately engage with students, faculty, staff, and the community; a demonstrated ability in cross-cultural communication and ease in relating to students and families from diverse backgrounds

Position Requirements- Professional
·       Master’s Degree in Education or a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience
·       At least 10 years’ experience in educational leadership, upper school preferred; could include classroom teaching, but must include management/supervision experience
·       Outstanding verbal and written skills, and comfort with public speaking
·       Previous professional or personal experience with classical Christian education preferred
·       Successful classroom teaching experience a plus

Individuals interested in applying for this position should submit a resume and cover letter via email to the Chair of the Harbor Christian Academy Board, Ms. Beverly B. Smith, at beverlybsmith@gmail.co

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