Millennium Charter Academy
November 4, 2022
500 Old Springs Road, 500 Old Springs Road, Mount Airy, NC 27030, NC
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Hiring date: summer 2023


Entering our third decade of education, Millennium Charter Academy is a K-12, independent, public school grounded in and dedicated to a classical model of education and located in Mount Airy, NC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have two divisions, grades K-5 under our lower school director and grades 6-12 under our upper school director. Nevertheless, we are one school under one roof under one philosophy of education. We have approximately 685 students and 83 faculty and staff. We have had five expansion projects and are currently expanding our athletic fields and our theater program. When the school is full size, we will enroll approximately 1000 students.



The successful headmaster comprehends, embraces, and articulately promotes the mission, the vision, and the values, including the classical, liberal arts philosophy, in which Millennium Charter Academy is grounded. The headmaster is committed to the pursuit of knowable, objective truth, goodness, and beauty as grounded in Natural Law. This individual, furthermore, promotes allegiance to MCA’s understanding of education throughout the school community. This individual is resourceful and thrives on challenge and autonomy. This person embodies the school’s Expectations of truthfulness, responsibility, respectfulness, compassion, and courage. This person also adheres to the Faculty and Staff Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Faculty and staff Covenant. He or she demonstrates loyalty to the school and is charitable and hospitable to all. He or she serves as chief administrative officer for all operations of the Academy and reports directly to the Board of Directors.


Preferred qualifications include relevant master’s degree, but no less than a bachelor’s degree, experience as a school principal or superintendent, experience as a classroom teacher, and experience in classical education. Personal virtue is essential and must be clearly evident.





General Administration

  1. Oversee the daily operation, administration, and facilities of Millennium Charter Academy.
  2. Present monthly headmaster’s report to the board of directors, carefully describing the state of the school and future plans.
  3. Preserve the school’s charter.
  4. Ensure compliance with state-imposed regulations.



  1. Initiate innovative staffing and provision of services to campus within budget.
  2. Recommend new hires to the board of directors.
  3. As necessary terminate faculty or staff, informing the board in advance.
  4. Leads, supports, and encourages staff, especially teachers, in carrying out their responsibilities, listening and responding to concerns, mediating grievances, offering advice how to tackle behavioral and academic issues, and facilitating cooperation and collaboration among staff members.
  1. When necessary, initiate disciplinary procedures involving teachers or staff.
  2. Provide meaningful faculty and staff meetings and professional development.
  1. Oversee annual performance evaluations of faculty members.
  2. Oversee revision and annual publication of the Faculty and Staff Handbook.



  1. Strengthen and deepen the Academy’s understanding and implementation of classical education.
  2. Strengthen and deepen the Academy’s understanding of and grounding in natural law.
  3. Maintain licensure of school faculty.
  4. Together with the director of development, oversee social media presence and school promotion.
  5. Safeguard confidentiality of privileged information.
  6. Provide new teacher orientation.
  1. Lead in personnel development and recruitment.



  1. Oversee operational finances under the authority of the board treasurer and in conjunction with the finance director.
  2. Together with the finance director recommend the annual budget to the board treasurer.
  3. Adhere to MCA’s Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual.


Curriculum & Instruction

  1. Select, approve, and implement changes to strengthen curriculum and pedagogy.
  2. Foster teaching with the end in mind, also known as teaching by design.


Student and Parent Bodies

  1. Oversee revision and annual publication of the Family Handbook.
  2. Provide principle-based discipline in keeping with the school’s philosophy, avoiding a behavior modification approach.
  3. Maintain a safe learning environment.
  4. Listen to the concerns and needs of the teaching staff and communicate those needs and concerns to the board of directors.
  5. Display empathy and patience in dealing with students, parents, and staff, balancing the need to enforce objective norms with the need to recognize genuine needs and frailties, and to make allowances for these when appropriate.
  6. Function as the primary communicator with the student and his/her parents in cases of serious misconduct and support faculty in all necessary communication with students and parents in cases of lesser misconduct or academic struggles.
  7. Supervises the welfare of the student body and its individual students in their moral and academic growth, the quality of their learning program, and their physical well-being.



  1. Promote the school to the community at large.


Knowledge and Skills

  1. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  2. Flexibility, organization, decision making, and problem-solving skills.
  3. Interpersonal skills with diverse populations in-person, in writing, and on the telephone.
  4. General knowledge of financial procedures and legal requirements.
  5. Knowledge of state policies on immunization, medication, first aid, emergencies, child abuse, and child neglect.
  6. Knowledge of laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting teachers and students.
  7. Knowledge of effective classroom management.

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