The Vanguard School
January 28, 2022
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Job Type


The Position

The Vanguard School High School Assistant Principal is the primary educational leader in the high school and is responsible for the successful coordination and administration of all programs and activities that are appropriately associated with the high school.  This includes student academic achievement, student welfare and safety, parent satisfaction, and staff development, coordination, and oversight.  Additionally, the Assistant Principal oversees the administration of state and national standardized testing and tracks, analyzes, and reports academic results.  The Assistant Principal oversees the management of the building and facilities and all technological systems that contribute to the success of the school.

The Assistant Principal participates in the School Accreditation, Accountability and Advisory Committee, and the District Accreditation, Accountability and Advisory Committee, actively supports the Parent Teacher Organization, actively supports and solicits parent volunteers, and supports the various parent activities that contribute to the success of the school.  The Assistant Principal reports directly to the Principal / Executive Director.

The Successful Candidate

The successful candidate for Assistant Principal is characterized by the following:


  • detailed familiarity with the inner workings of a successful high school
  • strong knowledge of effective instructional techniques
  • broad academic knowledge across the curriculum with subject matter expertise in at least one core academic area


  • leadership of an educational organization
  • developing and implementing curriculum
  • handling building-level student discipline issues
  • staff training and development, to include instructional coaching
  • scheduling, including course schedules, exams, testing, etc.


  • is a master teacher
  • outstanding oral and written communication
  • facilitation of effective meetings
  • effective planning
  • using and applying technology
  • data analysis
  • developing and implementing effective processes
  • schedule creation
  • ability to work collaboratively with a larger administrative team


  • is a person of superior integrity
  • brings positive energy to organization
  • intentionally models virtue and the Keys to Success for staff-members, students, and parents
  • is firm in holding a high standard for self, students, and staff-members
  • takes ownership of the performance of students, teachers, and the climate of the school
  • is self-disciplined, organized, and hard-working
  • seeks continual improvement in self and in the school through reflection and use of hard and soft data
  • is flexible (in applying the principles of effective leadership and education to achieve the mission of the school)
  • understands and effectively works the processes of the school
  • demonstrates unquestioned professionalism in communication, manner, and appearance
  • is solution oriented, open minded and creative in problem solving
  • is completely aligned with the mission of  The Vanguard School
  • is profoundly committed to an educational culture in which all students can achieve academic excellence

About The Vanguard School

The Vanguard School is a classical, liberal arts and sciences, college preparatory high school with a focus on developing excellence in our students in virtue and academics.  It is the high school program of a fully aligned K-12 academic program.  The entire K-12 program is governed by a single school board and is under the leadership of an Executive Director.

The Mission of The Vanguard School is to help guide students in development of their character and academic potential through academically rigorous, content-rich educational programs.

The Vanguard School is a K-12 college preparatory public charter school in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The school has enjoyed great success in its mission at all levels since its inception in 1995.  Based on the state and national tests over the years all programs of The Vanguard School have been ranked among the top performers in the state over the years.  The Vanguard School, specifically, has been the top performing high school in Colorado Springs over the past several years.

The Vanguard School utilizes the Hillsdale Academy Curriculum Guide to provide the core of a strong classical liberal arts and sciences education.  The curriculum is coordinated across classes and from year to year to help students develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter.  Students are required to take a core of classes across the disciplines designed to give a broad education that prepares them to think critically about the world around them and thereby to engage with the world successfully.  It is expected that college is the next step for our students, while understood that not all will continue their education immediately after completing high school.

Our college preparatory approach provides academic continuation from the foundation laid in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Students build on the base of knowledge learned in lower grades and learn to think critically about what they have learned and apply to to life.  Western Civilization's principles endure and merit study.  History and great literature of the West, higher mathematics, and laboratory science form the foundation of our culture and commerce in the United States.  Our students simply must know from whence they came in order to understand where they find themselves in today's world as they contemplate their future.

Even more important than academics, our school places great emphasis on the teaching of virtue and leadership in the context of both academics and school life.  Students study profiles of great Western historical leaders and literary characters.  They have the opportunity to learn from the lives, speeches, and deeds of these individuals to see how foundational the attributes of virtue and character are to our civilization.

A no-excuses philosophy establishes the foundation for the teacher in the classroom.  If a student hasn't learned, then the teacher has not taught.  Academic expectations for students are high.  Standards for teachers are even higher.  Students are taught to mastery, and grades are based on achievement, not a bell curve distribution.

Students receive positive reinforcement for good behavior and performance.  Expectations are proactively and explicitly taught and are consistently enforced throughout the school.  Rigorous programs fill a very full academic and extra-curricular schedule.  Major disciplinary actions are virtually non-existent.

The Vanguard school board, composed of four parents and one community member, sets policy and provides governance to maintain the mission of the school.  The board provides long-term planning goals, budget oversight, and works on issues related to the growth plan.  The board entrusts a high level of autonomy and responsibility to the administration under the leadership of the Executive Director.

Salary Range

Salary will be determined based on fit for the Assistant Principal position.


•Dental insurance

•Health insurance

•Life insurance

•Long-term disability insurance

•Paid time off

•PERA Retirement

•Vision insurance

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