Lionheart Classical Academy Chartered Public School
December 28, 2021
10 Sharon Road, Peterborough, New Hampshire
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Lionheart Classical Academy Chartered Public School seeks teachers, and other professionals, who know and love the disciplines they teach, who understand and love children, and who are philosophically aligned with the classical mission of the school. They are dedicated to developing the minds and improving the hearts of students through a classical, content-rich liberal arts education that supports academic achievement, virtuous living, and responsible citizenship.

Open Positions:

Full Time – K-5th grade classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, special education coordinator, administrative assistant

Part Time – nurse, art teacher, music teacher, PE teacher

Job Qualifications:

Lionheart Classical Academy is committed to hiring highly qualified, intelligent, and dedicated teachers who demonstrate integrity, humility, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Qualified candidates will have a classical philosophy of education, which will allow them to implement the school’s classical curriculum and collaborate with other faculty members effectively. These candidates will be knowledgeable, engaging, inspiring, and creative in their work with students. Their character will exemplify the virtues of the Academy and foster an environment of joy and love of learning.

Job Responsibilities:

This is an instructional position which carries the responsibility for the educational leadership of students in a group or class in a classical charter school. The educational leader will understand, demonstrate the use of, and implement the school’s curriculum, student instruction, and assessment to maximize educational achievement for all students, and work collaboratively to ensure a working and learning climate for all students that is safe, secure, and respectful. Implementing multiple teaching strategies to reinforce content and skills for students through creative lessons is required.

How to Apply:

Email a resume or curriculum vitae and a cover letter to The cover letter needs to include, 1) how you heard about Lionheart, 2) your educational philosophy and how it aligns with the classical education model, 3) what position(s) you are interested in and why you are a good applicant.

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