Kindergarten Teacher

Coram Deo Academy
May 7, 2020
Carmel, Indiana
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Coram Deo Academy exists to assist parents in their duty of biblically training their children by offering academic instruction that is distinctly and consistently Christ-centered and classical.

We are seeking motivated, qualified and caring adults to form the next generation. Here is a picture of the type of person that thrives at CDA.

● Christian Character: Teachers at CDA function as pacesetters within their homes, churches, and communities. The teachers at CDA are obsessed with imitating Jesus and pleasing God (2 Cor. 5:9). They have a heart for evangelism/discipleship within the classroom and have a ministry orientation. They seek opportunities to pray for and with those that they serve.
The joy of the Lord is the strength of the CDA teacher and they are marked by contentment, not complaining (Ps. 16:11). They assume the posture of a servant (Mark 10:45) and do everything that they can for the benefit of the next generation (Psalm 78).
● Chemistry: Teachers at CDA are energizing to work with and do whatever it takes to build up the body (Rom. 12:4). The differences within the staff are seen as opportunities for complementary labor under the same agenda (Eph. 4:14-15). They demonstrate professional behavior at all times in all of their relationships and always remain above reproach (1 Tim, 3:2). CDA teachers to build trust within the CDA parents (Eph. 6:4). To be on the CDA staff is to be an excellent teammate.
● Competence: Teachers at CDA are not only faithful but also fruitful in their teaching ministries. They could be fruitful in any number of callings because of their graces and gifts (1 Cor. 13:1-8). They take complete responsibility for everything that occurs in their classrooms (Matthew 25:25) and are solution-oriented in their craft. They are not only compassionate but courageous and take risks within the classroom for God’s glory (Romans 14:23). CDA teachers are highly effective in the 12 points rubric and are constantly looking for ways to improve (Phil. 3:12). CDA teachers are professional and punctual in all that they do and consider the group before themselves. They are lifelong learners that are worthy of imitation.
● Classical Mindset: Teachers at CDA are not merely interested or intrigued by the CC educational tradition but they are gripped by it. They long to see their students in Heaven (Phil. 3:11) and hear ‘Well-done’ (Matthew 25:23). They love the great books and don’t lean on technology, candy or other base ways of entertaining instead of educating. They develop healthy learning habits and have a tools-based approach to education focused on wisdom and eloquence in writing and speaking. They use a timeline approach to history, integrate content areas and embrace the fine arts.
In sum, the CDA teachers hold high expectations and embrace the struggle so that their students can master the curriculum and hang with the great minds of the past. CDA teachers are curricular leaders and know how to teach content fluently- they possess Classical pedagogy and philosophy.
● Committed to Lifelong Growth: Teachers at CDA are not only operational but also reflective and strategic. By their own initiative, they are constantly educating themselves for the benefit of their students. They set the pace for the school in how they approach the learning task. They are regularly researching for the benefit of their learning community.
● Culture Building: Teachers at CDA do not only think about the silo but find ways to benefit the whole farm. They seek to contribute to the overall culture at CDA with their unique graces and giftings. They partner with Christian families and churches and see CDA as an outflow of the Creation Mandate (Gen 1:26-28) and the Great Commission.

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