Middle School Science

The Habersham School
May 21, 2020
Savannah, Georgia
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Middle School Science


Qualified candidates must have an interest in classical Christian education, as well as an earned degree in secondary science education. State certification in 7-12 science is preferred. Three years of teaching experience is preferred and experience in a classical Christian school would be a benefit, but not necessary. Please visit www.thehabershamschool.org to review our mission statement and other pertinent documents for applying. Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to jmanley@thehabershamschool.org


Personal Qualities

  • Credible profession of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ
  • Godly character (pastoral and other character references may be required)
  • Membership or regular attendance at a local church
  • Gift of teaching
  • Views teaching as a high calling 
  • Self-educator and lifetime learner
  • Well-spoken, with excellent grammar, diction, and vocabulary 
  • Understanding of and agreement with the mission, philosophy, and pedagogy of The 
      Habersham School, including classical  framework and Charlotte Mason influence
  • Teachable and committed to grow, learn, and develop new understanding and skills
  • Understanding of and ability to articulate biblical worldview 
  • Ability to integrate the Gospel into all subject matters to be studied
  • Maturity and emotional stability 
  • Authentic heart for middle-school aged children; ability  to interact with and lead
  • Strong desire to see the fullest expression of humanity developed in students:
      Integrating faith and practice by developing in students values of thoughtful
      engagement, cultural awareness, and community mindedness.


 Job Responsibilities With Students

  • Displays to students genuine love for God, love of scripture, and love of learning in the field of science
  • To teach middle school science, grades 6, 7, and 8.
  • Plans teaching schedule on a daily, weekly, trimester, and yearly basis
  • Works through the curriculum at an appropriate pace, with ongoing assessment, both formative and summative, of how each child is progressing through the material
  • Individualizes instruction according to each child’s needs while moving everyone  toward class high standards of achievement 
  • Identifies and addresses academic or disciplinary problems, documents situations and/or alerts supervisor or parents when appropriate
  • Respects the confidentiality of students, families, and colleagues by using the highest degree of discretion in all communication
  • Completes administrative tasks to maintain smooth operation of classroom
  • Appropriately curbs personal conversations and contacts at school
  • Prays for students


 Job Responsibilities With Parents

  • Views parents as students’ primary teachers
  • Views parent-teacher communication as highly important and  valuable; expresses to parents  a commitment to teach and nurture their child 
  • Communicates with parents proactively 
  • Communicates with parents when issues arise with their child, whether in academics, discipline, or other matters
  • Communicates with parents, making them aware of what is being taught at school through work sent home and other means


 Job Responsibilities With Other Teachers

  • Works with other teachers to sharpen each other’s teaching, share wisdom, and share  experience 
  • Contributes to a cooperative and collegial atmosphere among teachers and staff
  • Participates in teacher mentoring relationships 
  • Avoids gossip or slander by eschewing idle conversation about students or others and brings problems up only with the appropriate persons 


Job Responsibilities With Departmental Chair and Division Director

  • Brings discipline or academic problems to attention of those leaders early, keeping them abreast of general progress and specific problems that arise 
  • Participates in training, devotionals, and other meetings and initiatives
  • Respects and upholds school policies and standards delineated in the faculty and student handbooks and in faculty training
  • Follows Matthew 18:15-17 model for handling conflicts and disagreements 
  • Performs both teaching and non-teaching tasks with attention to quality, detail, timeliness, and professionalism 


Reporting Relationships

Reports directly to science chairperson in collaboration with division director(s).


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