Aristoi Classical Academy
July 18, 2022
12332 Perry Road, Houston, TX, Cypress, TX
Job Type


Title: Student Services Coordinator
Reports to: Headmaster
Duty Days: 11 Months
Wage/Hour Status: Exempt
Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday (Some weekends and evenings may be required)

● Master’s degree in classical liberal arts is preferred, but not required.
● Have appropriate maintenance of administrative continuing education requirements.
● Have a valid driver’s license.
● At least five years’ experience as a classroom teacher or student services coordinator.

Knowledge of STAAR assessments is preferred.
Previous experience in a public school setting (preferred experience in a Title I school).
A Love & Logic facilitator (preferred, if not immediate training)

Student Services Coordinator (SSC) assists the Headmaster/Heads of School and provides the leadership necessary to ensure the implementation of necessary support services for all elementary school students within AristoiClassical Academy.

The SSC is the single point of contact for students, parents, and other concerned parties to address student concerns.  In turn, the SSC ensures that every student has the opportunity for a free and appropriate public education. The SSC coordinates resources and services to support student achievement for all students.

When a child begins to experience academic, social, emotional, or behavior difficulties, the SSC will consult with the child’s teacher or counselor first. Often adjustments can be made in the classroom to support the child. If the concern persists, the teacher will confer with the SSC to seek other appropriate accommodations, interventions or services to help the child succeed.

● Demonstrates abilities related to strategic and tactical skills in thinking and problem solving; proven skills and experience in strategic planning, communicating the Aristoi Classical Academy mission, vision, and goals to others, and effectively implementing action plans throughout an organization.
● Demonstrates a history of team building and leadership.
● Demonstrates effective, positive human relations abilities in working with students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators, as well as governmental agencies, business, industry, and community groups.
● Demonstrates adept skills in utilizing innovative thinking and being a positive force within the district and community.
● Demonstrates successful experience in unifying, motivating, developing, supporting, empowering, and
trusting a high-performing team of administrators, teachers, principals and support staff.
● Demonstrates current knowledge of best practices, continuous improvement strategies and high expectations for performance; commitment to maintaining high standards and increasing accountability for results at all levels.
● Demonstrates current knowledge of TEA school required services.
● Demonstrates successful experience in working well in diverse economic multicultural and multilingual communities and environments; culturally-competent.
● Demonstrates high energy, inspirational leadership; displaying vision, self-confidence, integrity, and risk-taking; willingness to be a relentless and passionate advocate for all children.
● Demonstrates advanced written, verbal, and listening skills; excellent organization skills.
● Demonstrates advanced experience with public school policy, procedures and management; thorough understanding of national, state and local educational goals and standards and operations of K-12 public education in Texas.
● Demonstrates superior interpersonal skills and relations with the ability and experience to develop effective relationships.
● Demonstrates excellent public relations, leadership, facilitation, management, decision-making and collaboration skills.
● Demonstrates excellent technology skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:
● Assist the Headmaster/Heads of School with discipline in keeping with Love & Logic philosophy

● Supervises recovery and maintenance of discipline records

● Campus Testing Coordinator
● 504 Coordinator and be the school liaison

● Coordinate MTSS Program:

● Streamline guidelines
● Ensure compliance with handbook policy and TEA guidelines

● Intervention flow: Work across departments to follow TEA guidelines on flow between RTI/MTSS, 504 program, and SPED program
● Utilize standardized testing data to quickly identify students at risk of losing progress. Work closely with teachers to design and implement intervention strategies
● Prior to each school year, target student interventions based on STAAR data results
● Guide parents and teachers through the process of obtaining accommodations/interventions/SPED referrals
● Schedule Student Success Committee (SSC) meetings to address concerns regarding student progress
● When the SSC determines testing is appropriate, meets with student’s parent(s) to discuss testing process and obtain consent
● Provide information about community services, either State or private, that families may qualify for such as Easter Seals, DHH, respite, support groups, etc.
● Contact previous schools for additional information and records, with parent consent, on a case by case basis.
● Indirectly and directly interacts with all Cypress campus and district employees.
● Coordinates and implements selected programmatic solutions designed to achieve Aristoi Classical Academy mission and vision.
● Responsible for reconciliation of parental concerns and inquiries regarding students.
● Works with administrators, teachers, and parent constituents to resolve conflicts and seeks solutions to stakeholder concerns.
● Uses management practices that promote collegiality, teamwork, and collaborative decision making among the team members.
● Provides an effective two-way communication channel with staff, district employees, students, and parents.
● Ensures that collaborative team and personnel operations contribute to the attainment of district goals and objectives.
● Supervises and assists in the development of state reports and grants, where appropriate.
● Remains abreast of legal and curricular developments and innovations.
● All other duties to be assigned by the Superintendent, Headmaster, Heads of School, and the School Board as deemed appropriate.

Aristoi Classical Academy is an equal opportunity employer offering employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or ability. This job description summary does not imply that these are the only duties to be performed. This job description is subject to change in response to funding variables, emerging technologies, improved operating procedures, productivity factors, and unforeseen events.

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