Philadelphia Classical School
January 26, 2022
3301 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Job Type


Do you love teenagers? Do you have a high EQ? Are you well read? Do you truly enjoy teaching? The right person for this job will be special. There are many wonderful people who have advanced degrees, have written scholarly papers, and are faithful Christians who may not be the right person for this job. 

We look for candidates who  - 

  • Are former classical Christian school graduates.
  • Had faithful Christian parents.
  • Have spent at least ten years reading and studying the Bible consistently.
  • Have demonstrated excellence in at least one other activity besides academics, either sports or the arts.
  • Have a natural gift for teaching that others have affirmed in a professional setting.
  • Can make old books come alive while still maintaining leadership in the class.
  • Display genuine collegiality with other staff members.
  • Attended a college or masters program specifically geared toward classical Christian education.
  • Have experience mentoring senior thesis (a bonus).

The pay is competitive. The staff culture is highly rated. This is a wonderful job opportunity for the right person to join a joyful and dynamic team. All employees must be able to sign our statement of faith and should provide information about church membership and involvement with resume documents. Please send inquiries to Candidates of interest will receive an application and further information via email.


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