Sager Classical Academy
September 20, 2021
P.O. Box 673, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
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Sager Classical Academy is a Christian, classical school for K-8th, expanding to include 9-12th grades. We are seeking to fill a new position of Upper School Dean to oversee the curriculum and professional development of teachers in the logic school, as well as the creation of the new rhetoric school, and other responsibilities listed below. Any discipline welcome to apply. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in classical education and leadership. More information about the school can be found on our website:

The Upper School Dean will exercise daily leadership of the rhetoric and logic school.
The Upper School Dean will be responsible for scope and sequence, curriculum, coordinating logic and rhetoric school calendar and schedule.

In coordination with the Head of School, the Dean will recruit, interview, and hire faculty for the upper school. The Dean will oversee the professional development of upper school staff, including leading faculty workshops, regular faculty meetings, and in-class teaching assessment.
The Upper School Dean will have secondary responsibility for promoting rhetoric school enrollment through interviews, open houses, tours, and developing appropriate media, including the school website.
The Upper School Dean will also teach part time, at least 4-5 hours per week (perhaps more), within his/her discipline.

Academic extracurricular activities for upper school students, such as speech/debate, essay competitions, science fairs, math bowls, field trips, and travel opportunities etc., will be overseen by the Upper School Dean, including assigning particular faculty or others as “coaches” for them.

The Upper School Dean will model Christian virtue. The SCA Board seeks a team player who promotes community, someone who is responsible and enthusiastic. In addition to supporting SCA’s statement of faith, the Upper School Dean should be in good standing in his/her local church.

Inquiries should be addressed to: Board Chair, Jessica Hooten Wilson at

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