Welcome to The SCL Journal

The SCL for years has published a robust quarterly journal covering a wide array of topics within CCE. As of now the SCL has stopped publishing a physical journal. Rest assured The SCL Journal will return! Until then, explore the archives below and check back for more updates as we continue to expand our resources and value to our members. 

Worthless, Difficult and Old

Peter Joslyn offers a new apologetic for studying Latin.

Words, Words, Words

No matter what the method of transmission, words carry our culture according to Publisher Marvin Padgett.

Words and Things

T. David Gordon warns against using technology to further the separation between the word and the world.

Wisdom and Eloquence

Douglas Wilson reviews the controversial book by Robert Littlejohn and Charles T. Evans.

Why Schools Teach But Don’t Educate

Christopher Perrin argues that education requires community.

Why Read Poetry?

Why a classical education requires the study of poetry as explained by Christine Perrin.

Why Latin? Learn it for the Hypallage!

Dr. Mark W. Graham defends the study of Latin for the exposure it gives to the rich beauty of human creativity in a world very different from our own.

Why Can’t They All Be Rhetoric Students?

Charles Evans argues for an early introduction to the canons of rhetoric.

Which Way is the Geographer Facing?

Joshua F. Drake explains why teaching art appreciation is not the same as teaching art.

When “Men Without Chests” Rule the World

Linda Dey challenges us to fill our students' imaginations with things that are both noble and lovely.
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