Welcome to The SCL Journal

The SCL for years has published a robust quarterly journal covering a wide array of topics within CCE. As of now the SCL has stopped publishing a physical journal. Rest assured The SCL Journal will return! Until then, explore the archives below and check back for more updates as we continue to expand our resources and value to our members. 

A New Natural Philosophy: Implementing the Vision of C. S. Lewis

Ravi Jain introduces the project designed to encourage practices in the teaching of science more in line with our Christian and classical perspective.

A Cyber-World of Trouble

Has your school stayed abreast of new technologies and their dangers? Katherine Koestner gives good reasons to take them seriously.

"What's in a Name?"

Linda Dey explores the significance of our role as namers.

"What's Going On?" as an Essential Question: Jesus, Socrates, and the Imagination

David Wright illustrates all that goes into our coming to know what we know.

"Though the Battlefield May Constitute the Stuff of Legends..."

First Lieutenant Brett Jones shows us how the seeds of victory are sown in the classroom.

"The Hand will Teach the Heart": the Importance of Habit Formation

Linda Dey makes a case for seeing the development of good habits as a central task of early schooling.

"I Know of No Way of Judging of The Future But By The Past"

Sam Cox provides historical insight on Williamsburg, Virginia, the site of the 2010 SCL Conference.