network benefits

SCL special sponsors are pleased to help support SCL institutional members by providing the following complimentary resources and services. Contact the sponsor to take advantage of your benefits designed as a gift to help you and your school thrive.

Classical Academic Press

  • 3-4 months of free ClassicalU subscriptions for every teacher at a new SCL school or to any new teachers at a school that already has subscriptions.¬†
  • Free curriculum evaluation copies for any products in our line
  • A sample set of 4-5 monographs each year (such as, The Myth Made Fact or The Black Intellectual Tradition)¬†
  • Access to the Black Intellectual Tradition series at ClassicalU for 30 days
  • A coupon code for $100 off at the CAP website (some exclusions apply).

Rafiki Foundation

  • free annual devotional for schools

Desiring God

  • complimentary books quarterly, at member events, and on special occasions

The Focus group

  • free fundraising and development consultation¬†

Alliance for Defending Freedom

  • Alliance Defending Freedom is pleased to help support institutional members of Society for Classical Learning by offering a 20% discount on all products and services.

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