Metaphysics for Science Majors: How to Build a Conceptual Bridge from the Sciences to the Humanities

Robbie Andreasen and Kevin Clark discuss how to relate science and the humanities to create a Christian metaphysic in their students.
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Without forethought, science class will unwittingly form reductionistic, materialistic assumptions about all of reality in the minds of students. These metaphysical assumptions are not from science and need to be removed before connecting with the humanities.

Robbie Andreasen

Robbie Andreasen has been teaching life science, biology and anatomy and physiology at The Geneva School since 2007.

Kevin Clark

Dr. Kevin Clark Serves as Academic Dean of The Geneva School, where he has been a member of the Rhetoric faculty for 14 years. Dr. Clark is a founding fellow of SCL's Alcuin Fellowship and speaks regularly at SCL and Alcuin retreats and conferences.