2018 Alcuin Retreat



Faith, Hope, Love and the Renewal of Classical Education

If education is the cultivation of virtue, then it should be the cultivation of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love. During this retreat we will explore the ways classical education should seek to cultivate faith, hope, and love.


October 4-6, 2018


There will be two presentations each day; each presentation will be immediately followed by a discussion of the presentation. The Alcuin Retreat seeks to engage in “deep-dive” studies of important educational ideas in the classical tradition of education with a goal of deepening our understanding of the history, philosophy, practice of the tradition. This retreat will not be practical in the sense of exploring immediate applications to our schools; rather it will seek to be practical by means of a patient study to clearly understand what our predecessors thought and did. The Alcuin Fellowship and its retreats seeks to follow the ancient maxim of festina lente (make haste slowly) believing that mastering the history, philosophy, and ideas of classical education is one critical and practical way to make meaningful progress towards the renewal of classical education.

Guest Scholar

todd buras

Dr. Todd Buras, professor of philosophy, Baylor University


Francis Marion Hotel, 387 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

Hotel reservations may be made by calling the main line at (843)722-0600 and referencing the Society for Classical Learning Arete/Alcuin Retreat or click here for online reservations. Online Code: CLASSICAL18


Educators interested in discussing ways of transforming and aligning assessment practices with the classical tradition, particularly the tradition of virtue cultivation.


 Faith, Hope, Love by Josef Pieper


SCL Member Early Bird Registration Fee (by September 7): $600

Non-Member Early Bird Registration Fee (by September 7): $650

SCL Member Registration Fee: $650

Non-Member Registration Fee: $700