Alcuin Fellowship

Alcuin Fellowship

The Alcuin Fellowship is a fellowship of educators from around the nation passionately committed to the renewal of classical education around the world.  The Fellowship engages in the research of classical curricula, pedagogy and culture, and seeks to practically implement our findings in schools and homeschools.
The Fellowship was founded in 2008 by Dr. Christopher Perrin in conjunction with several inaugural fellows including Ravi Jain, Kevin Clark, James Daniels, and Jesse Hake.  Currently the Fellowship includes 12 fellows and two associate fellows. The Fellowship hosts retreats for school faculties around the country (led by three to four fellows) and one larger annual retreat in which all 12 fellows are present. The Fellowship holds friendship a high virtue, as well as fine food and drink, and a beautiful place to relax and talk about what matters most.
Each year the Alcuin Fellowship conducts a retreat for up to 35 classical educators from around the country.  We purposely keep the retreat small to encourage great conversation and fellowship. While several of the Alcuin Fellows will present on topics they have been studying throughout the year, we typically invite a guest presenter to come and present and join the conversations. Every year we choose a theme or two for the retreat, usually based on the topics that the fellows have been studying.
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Who is Alcuin?

Alcuin was the English scholar and educator called by Charlemagne to reform education in the Holy Roman Empire.  He served Charlemagne during the 780s and 790s and introduced the seven liberal arts into the schools of the empire.  Alcuin was able to recruit some of the best scholars and educators from various nations to serve with him, helping contribute to the flowering of learning we call the Carolingian Renaissance.

Alcuin Fellows

Chris Perrin, PhD
Director, Classical Academic Press, PA

Kevin Clark
Academic Dean, Geneva School, FL

Jesse Hake
Academic Dean, Logos Academy, PA

Grant Horner, PhD
Dean of Rhetoric School, Trinity Classical, CA
Professor of Literature, Master’s College

Ravi Jain
Educator, Geneva School, FL

Andrew Smith
Upper School Director, Geneva School, FL

William Stutzman
Educator, The Oaks, WA

Steve Turley, PhD
Educator, Tall Oaks Academy, DE

David Diener, PhD
Educator, Grace Academy, TX

Jenny Rallens
Educator, The Ambrose School, ID

Phillip Donnelly, PhD
Professor of English, Baylor University, TX

Robyn Burlew
Academic Dean, Veritas School, VA