Arete Retreat


The SCL has found that school administrators frequently are isolated from their peers and have little opportunity for sustained fellowship and conversation about school leadership and best practices.  The Arete Retreat was designed to address this need by providing a venue for 30 current and prospective heads of school to gather together with several veteran administrators for two to three days in an extraordinary, restful setting.

What is Arete?

Arete is a Greek word that means “excellence.” It was used especially to describe the kind of virtue that comes from fulfilling one’s purpose and potential. In some contexts the word also carries a connotation of the wisdom that comes from contemplation.

The 2017 Arete Retreat is October 26–28 in King’s College in New York City.

Arete Fellows

Keith Nix
Veritas School, VA

Sam Cox
Caldwell Academy, NC

Liz Caddow
Trinity Classical, CA

David Goodwin
President of ACCS, ID

Bob Ingram
Geneva School, FL

Rod Gilbert
Regents School, TX

Peter Baur
Faith Christian, VA

Dean Luckenbaugh
Ad Fontes Academy, VA

Eric Cook
Covenant Classical, TX