Best Practices Documents

Scheduling the Financial Calendar to deliver the Mission

This is the time of year when schools are announcing next year’s tuition, which was most likely set by the Board at the recommendation of its Finance Committee back in November. In that process, the Committee probably discussed how much tuition had increased over the past few years, what amount the school’s families might accept without a negative impact on retention and maybe, if the information was available, what other schools had and were likely to do. With tuition for next year set, re-enrollment contracts are being sent to current families. Re-enrollment responses and early applicant numbers will inform the preliminary 2017-2018 budget that will be drafted early spring and then finalized late summer or even early fall as enrollment numbers solidify. This is the typical pattern and it is entirely backwards.

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The Power of a Master Teacher Profile

A Master Teacher Profile (MTP) is transformative for faculty reviews and for your school. A MTP outlines your ideal teacher, stating both the character of teacher and the essential characteristics of their teaching, relationships, attitudes and practices.

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Your School Has No Needs

Major donors are on the hunt for solutions. They’re big time problem solvers. That’s how most of them became wealthy in the first place. In approaching your major donors, you should think like an entrepreneur going into “The Shark Tank.” Reflect on questions like: What’s the critical problem that your school is solving? What are you doing to solve that problem that gives you a distinctive competency making you different
from everyone else?

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