Institutional Membership Instructions

Giving Members Access

After purchasing your institutional membership, you will want to give your faculty and staff access to the SCL site. In order to do this, you’ll need to share your membership code with your faculty so they can create their login to the site.

You can access your institutional membership code on the membership page of the institutional administrator (the account that purchased the membership).

The way your faculty and staff will attach to your institutional membership depends on whether or not they already have an SCL membership. See below:

New SCL Members – No Current Login

On your membership page, there is a link that you can copy and give to your faculty and staff. All they will need to do is click the link and then create their new account.

Existing SCL Member or Has a Current Login

Anyone who already has an SCL login and who wants to attach their existing account to the institutional membership can do that instead of creating a new account. To do so, the member must:

  1. Login to the existing account
  2. Click “Membership”
  3. Click “Change”
  4. Choose “Institutional Membership”
  5. Enter the Institutional Membership code (found on the membership page).

Here’s a quick video that shows how to do this (one you’ve logged in to the existing account).