The SCL periodically offers online seminars on topics of interest to teachers, administrators, parents, and board members of classical schools. These webinars are live and interactive, so in addition to hearing from the presenter, you’ll be able to interact, ask questions, and join the conversation.

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The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians

April 5th 2017 – Rod Dreher

Time: 3:30 Central Time

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In his latest book, The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians In A Post-Christian Nation, Rod Dreher contends that traditional Christians will have to become profoundly countercultural and communal for the faith to survive the coming darkness. Classical Christian education is a key part of that strategy. Come join the conversation as Rod talks about his soon to be released and highly touted book, The Benedict Option. Rod will discuss how classical Christian education is central to the preservation and revival of authentic Christian culture.

Example Webinar

Taste and See: Awakening the Theopoetic Imagination

This is an archived example of a previous webinar. To register for our next upcoming webinar, please see above. Josh Gibbs

Are you really earning your paycheck? First and second year philosophy, history, and literature teachers often feel they are not really earning their pay unless they are covering big chunks of curriculum and spending most of their class time delivering original lectures. However, most teachers (even well-seasoned, veteran teachers) are simply not sufficiently strong lecturers to hold the attention of a class for an hour. Further, the best way to cover many pages in A Tale of Two Cities or City of God is to assign twenty pages of reading at home, but every teacher knows that pages read at home are rarely read well. Allow me to offer a very simple alternative: class time is not lecture time, and homework is not reading time. A few very basic changes to how great texts are read can transform your class into a place of leisure, contemplation, and deep learning.

Josh Gibbs is the editor of FilmFisher, a frequent contributor at the CiRCE Institute, and a teacher of Great Books at Veritas School in Richmond, VA. He has been labeled “insane” by two Pulitzer Prize winning poets and once abandoned a moving vehicle for fear of his life. He married a girl he fell in love with in high school and has two daughters, both of whom have seven names.

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