Language possesses the potentional to be both tool for communication and art form. Discover how to lead your students from learning vocabulary and verb charts to articulating their likes, recounting a tale, decoding poetry, or simply conversing eloquently. Explore the possiblities for incorporating literature and historical figures in weaving a story and inviting your students to create as well. Sample activities include texts from Voltaire, Rousseau, and Montesquieu for French.

Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder believes that language is simultaneously a tool and an art form. She has served as Foreign Language Department Head at Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, Texas since 2002. Grounded in Latin during high school, she later branched out into French, Modern Hebrew, and Spanish while earning her B.A. at the University of Texas in Austin. A er completing her M.A. in French Literature at the University of North Texas, Lisa taught at the community college level for ten years, incorporating French literature into her early curricula. As Department Head at Covenant, she has sought to establish a sound, fully-orbed classical program that fosters students’ proficiency in Latin and at least one modern language. Partnering with a team of strong language educators, she has built a program that spans the pre-K through AP levels.