Classical Christian teachers are accustomed to reading educators like Dorothy Sayers, C. S. Lewis, and Stratford Caldecott, but most would not know what to read from the host of Black Classical Christian educators who came before them. This workshop will introduce one writing each from Crummell, Scarborough, and Cooper and offer suggestions for how teachers and faculties might begin to recover and engage these eloquent defenders of the classical Christian tradition. The workshop will highlight excerpts from each text and make the full essays available at the end.

Dr. Brian Williams

Dr. Brian A. Williams is Dean of the Templeton Honors College and Assistant Professor of Ethics & Liberal Studies at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. Previously, he was Lecturer in Theology and Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford and Director of Oxford Conversations, a collection of interviews with influential Christian academics and scholars. He holds an MPhil and DPhil in Christian Ethics from the University of Oxford, an MA and ThM in Systematic and Historical Theology, and a BA in Biblical Studies. Currently, he is an Alcuin Fellow and a Research Fellow with the Institute of Classical Education. Dr. Williams is the author of The Potter’s Rib: The History, Theology, and Practice of Mentoring for Pastoral Formation.