The Marriage of Morton J. Adler and Jeanne Chall: Teaching Analysis and Synthesis In the Great Books

by Jim Selby May 28, 2011

Jeanne Chall’s five stages of reading development provide a theoretical framework for classical Christian educators and Adler’s Great Ideas provide an analytical framework to teach the discrete skills of analysis and synthesis in a Great Books reading program. Often, as teacher we do not go beyond modeling in our advance reading instruction. The work of […]

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Analytic Learning Classical Education Reading Teachers

English Grammar The Structure Surrounding Thought

by Tammy Peters May 28, 2011

This workshop will consider the analytical approach to teaching English grammar as a tool to ordering thought. This analytical approach, first used in the 1860’s does not just identify parts of a sentence, but identifies the reasoning behind each grammatical element. This approach is currently used with our second through fifth grade students at Mars […]

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Analytic Learning English Grammar

Analytical Learning: The False Turn of Modern Education and the Path Back to the Classical Approach

by Andrew Kern April 23, 2011

For 2500 years classical education equipped people for freedom and self-governance. The 20th century inverted schooling and put analytical learning (the servant) above the humane learning (the master) of the classical tradition. This seminar explains the difference between a normative classical vision of education and a soul-startling analytical approach, showing the false turn and the […]

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