Art Through the Humanities

by Cathye Price November 9, 2018

In a strong Classical education, it can be difficult to find the time and place for a rigorous focus on the arts. Many classical schools seek to integrate their subjects, weaving content between the disciplines. Although we celebrate a rich history of integrating subjects in order to address and train the whole intellect, teaching the […]

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He Who Has Eyes to See: Drawing From Life

by Matthew Clark November 8, 2018

People say it all the time: “I can’t even draw stick figures!” Perhaps you’ve said this yourself. Perhaps you’re even an art teacher! Many people are intimidated by the idea of making drawings – the blank page induces fear! Drawing must be approached with confidence because it is the foundation of all the visual arts […]

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The Liberal, Common, and Fine Arts

by Ravi Jain July 21, 2017

Over the past three decades, Christian classical schools have championed the recovery of the liberal arts and discovered lost wisdom in the Trivium as the arts of language and the Quadrivium as the arts of mathematics. But while unearthing these treasures, many have also noted C.S. Lewis’ warning in The Abolition of Man. If we […]

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Using Classical Art Pieces to Integrate History and Biology

by Robbie Andreason July 20, 2017

Art is a powerful way to capture the ideas of a time period. Come and see mini versions of presentations I have done with my ninth-grade biology class to help my students understand the development of science and biological thought throughout the flow of history.

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Good to Very Good

by Andy Crouch June 17, 2016

What is our role in the world as followers of Jesus Christ? Andy Crouch considers the place of humans in the creation as sub-creators and imitators of God Himself and how our acts of creativity bring glory to the Creator. From advertisements to birds to Bach, he contemplates the relationship between Christianity and creativity.    

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Culture Care

by Makoto Fujimura June 16, 2016

Mokoto Fujimura discusses the relationships between Christianity, art, culture, and family, and reflects on the work of the artist in a fallen world.

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Art Culture

Panel: Ken Myers, Andy Crouch, and Makoto Fujimura on Culture

by Ken Myers June 15, 2016

Ken Myers hosts a panel with Andy Crouch and Makoto Fujimura to discuss the nature of the Christian relationship to culture.

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Art Culture Gnosticism

Q & A with Andrew Peterson

by Andrew Peterson June 28, 2015

Singer, songwriter and author Andrew Peterson will engage in a discussion with those present about a life of music, writing and art.

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Other Voices: Gerard Manley Hopkins and Science Instruction

by John Mays June 28, 2015

In classical and Christian schools we seek rigorous academics and a robust Christian worldview, but these are not the only necessary ingredients for instruction that ennobles the mind and educates the whole person. In any discipline, there are “other voices” that speak to our hearts and minds. In this workshop we will explore ways that […]

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Becoming More Fully Human: Art Education as Stewarding the Physical

by Jim Watkins June 26, 2014

As art educators we are teaching students to love, understand and respect the physical world. This session aims to situate art education within the larger project of becoming more fully human. By bringing the doctrine of creation into conversation with art education, this seminar aims to explore three different ways that the arts can enrich […]

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Art Theology

Integrating Art with Other Subjects

by Courtney Sanford June 25, 2013

Art is a dynamic and energizing element to add to any subject. Discuss the grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric of art and discover how to use art to enhance the skills of each level of the trivium and energize your students in every subject: history, science, geography, even math! Our future leaders need a good foundation […]

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The Art of Latin

by Karen Moore June 29, 2012

Vergil and Ovid each began their epic work with an invocation to their muse. Each of these poets has in turn played the muse to countless artists throughout the ages. Bringing this artwork into the classroom will breathe new life into ancient texts. Whether you choose to read these works in Latin or in English, […]

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