Theology in the Lower School Classroom

by Nate George July 17, 2017

Lower-school teachers have a unique opportunity to weave theology into all subject areas and to explicitly teach Biblical material. This session will explore both the big picture of what theology can be in the lower school and propose some specific teaching practices to enhance Bible instruction. In the big picture, we will look at Christian […]

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Bible biblical lower school Techniques

Panel Discussion: Teaching Bible and Theology in a Classical School

by Jim Watkins June 28, 2015

Teaching Bible and theology in a classical school comes with its own peculiar set of challenges. To what extent should a Bible/theology teacher be sensitive to the diverse influences that inform her students’ understanding of their faith? What is the best way to address controversial subjects in a Bible/theology classroom? What does it meant to […]

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Bible Classical Education Discussion Theology

Re-forming the Formers: Self-Examination for Teachers

by James K. A. Smith June 9, 2013

In Desiring the Kingdom and Imagining the Kingdom, I argued that we are all “liturgical animals”- -we are shaped by rituals and practices that form our identities because they aim our loves. This includes “secular liturgies” that we might mistakenly think are just “neutral” Christian practices. Building on that picture, this workshop will help teachers […]

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Bible Liturgy Teachers Theology

A Deuteronomy Six Classroom

by Trish Detrick June 25, 2012

We are proud of our status as classical schools, but what does it mean to be Christian educators? To embrace this calling is more than adding Bible to our Grammar curriculum. Scripture commands that we utilize every moment to train children in godliness whether we sit in our classrooms, walk by the way, lie down, […]

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Bible Curriculum Faith Grammar Teaching

The Paideia of the Lord

by Andrew Kern June 2, 2012

Paul tells fathers in Ephesians to raise there children on “the paideia of the Lord.” But does the Bible have a pedagogy for us to follow? In this workshop, Andrew Kern explores what we can learn about teaching from the first three chapters of Genesis, specifically meditating on the apparent approach that the Lord uses […]

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