C. S. Lewis and The Abolition of Man

by David Diener November 9, 2018

C. S. Lewis’s 1944 book The Abolition of Man is widely considered to be a classic work in the history and philosophy of education. The National Review, in fact, chose it as number seven on their “100 Best Nonfiction Books of the 20th Century.” In this seminar, we will examine the central themes of this […]

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Aslan in the Academy: What C. S. Lewis Can Teach the Modern Christian Educator

by Louis Markos June 17, 2016

Dr. Markos discusses the various facets of the work of C. S. Lewis and how it can inform the modern project of Classical Christian education, with a particular focus on the role of the past in Lewis’ thinking.

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The Clean Sea Breeze of the Centuries: Literary Experience as Perspective on Culture

by Jeremiah Forshey June 16, 2016

One of the primary benefits of reading literature is that it allows us to inhabit another person’s experiences, to see the world through other eyes and to perceive it with other minds, and in so doing, broaden our own limited experience of the world. In particular, C. S. Lewis says that in reading “old books,” […]

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Reading “the Right Books”: C.S. Lewis on Reading Good Literature

by Linda Dey May 28, 2011

Eustace Clarence Scrubb, says Lewis, repeatedly had not read “the right books.” So what books should Eustace have read to equip him for his adventures in Narnia? Lewis has lots to say about what books to read, how to read them, and even how to teach them and how not to teach them. This workshop […]

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That Hideous Strength: The Abolition of Man in Pictures

by Linda Dey June 3, 2009

What are the connections between these two great Lewis works? Explore how one informs the other and what we need to learn from both.

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